Are Your Documents Safe? – Secure Storing Method

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There are a number of traditional methods used for storing documents. The majority of these are done onsite in the office setting. Securing materials and limiting access to them is difficult with this sort of storage. This is also a method that can result in a lot of waste where supplies and resources are concerned. According to Axis Integrated Solutions, it takes approximately $25,000 to fill a 4-drawer filing cabinet with printed materials.

This expense does not taken into consideration the monitoring and related tasks associated with maintaining such a filing cabinet. Electronic options for storing documents are safer than any onsite method. It is possible to file, index and print these materials as they are needed. Unnecessary documents are not printed, which saves time and money. Documents management will keep data safe. This is a benefit not only to your clients but to your own operations.

Limit Access

One way to ensure that documents are safe is to limit who has access to them. When this information is stored in an office, it may be seen by many employees. Documents management, however, allows you to limit this access. Not only are these documents available to certain employees. They are reproduced according to the same rule. This type of managed service records who has accessed documents for later reference. This is another security benefit for businesses of different types.

Scheduled Printing

You can use documents management in order to schedule printing needs. Some documents are only used monthly. Others may have a quarterly or yearly purpose. It is possible to schedule exactly when these materials are required. This allows you to plan for these activities:

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Trade Shows
  • Promotional Events

Scheduled printing is also beneficial to your budget. You will limit the costs associated with unnecessary print projects.

Tracking Expenses

Tracking is an option for customers of document management and printing services. Regular reports show what is being spent on these activities. Business owners can see what types of items are being printed. Some months you may need more printing than other months. Planning ahead of time for specific events or activities helps your budget.

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