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The Most Efficient & Best Document Solutions

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Did you know that 95 percent of corporate documentation still exists on paper? Paper-based records comprise a massive amount of corporate memory.

Every single day, documents are being generated. Every document brings with it some responsibilities of safe storage. As an example, imagine the mountains of paper-work accumulated by big corporate law firms or accounting firms.

Paper-based documents take up a huge volume, and as a result, most have to be stored off-site. That brings with it constraints should you need documents urgently.

With today’s technology, every aspect of corporate business is going digital. Thus, it makes sense to create a digital document solution for your business.

Are your paper-based records in a mess? Are you looking for ways to manage your volumes and volumes of paper-based documents? We need to replace these antiquated methods with newer, faster ways to create and share these documents. That is where document solutions come in. Let’s learn more about some document solutions which you can take inspiration from!

Recommended Document Solutions

It is a daunting task to wade through all the available document management solutions. That is why we have chosen to go through some of the best on the market.  We hope this helps you choose the right one for your business.  

  • Google Drive
  • OnlyOffice
  • DocuWare
  • LogicalDoc
  • Confluence

Let’s go through each one of them in-depth, and determine which document solution is best for you.

1. Google Drive

Google Docs is the first that comes to mind. It has been around for over ten years and is one of the most popular document solutions. It has a familiar synergy with Microsoft Word. That has helped it become one of the easiest document solutions to use.

This solution is ideal for small to medium businesses as you don’t have to dish out a lot of money. It is free for the first 30GB and then an affordable monthly premium depending on the amount of storage needed.

Google Drive helps you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Moreover, it allows you to upload scans, pictures, documentation, and faxes easily.

The important thing to know is that you have from the get-go organize your documents. Create folders and subfolders to create a system easy to navigate. If you do not do this, you may end up with a mish-mash of documents and make your life a misery when trying to find particular documents.

Google Drive is easy to use with features that include ready-made templates, security, and privacy.  You can also access your information on the go with their mobile app. 

2. OnlyOffice Productivity Management

OnlyOffice provides a full productivity package. This includes document processing, project management, CRM, schedule, mail, and corporate networking. It is offered at three levels, enterprise, SMB (Small Medium Businesses), and Home use.

OnlyOffice is compatible with document formats used by most main-stream players. One can easily and seamlessly create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Some interesting features OnlyOffice offers off-the-shelf include:

  • Fillable Documents – creating a contract for digital signing or, creating a form to gather information from staff or customers.
  • Document Comparison – Quickly compare two documents to see differences with revision marks. Either do changes one-by-one or all in one go. Merge and store the changes as a new edition of the original document. No change will go unnoticed. That is particularly important when dealing with contracts and other legal documents.
  • Desktop to Mobile – OnlyOffice’s responsive web office, allows easy switching from the desktop to mobile. All this, without having to go through the browser.
  • Security – GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations are built-in features with OnlyOffice.

On-Premise vs Cloud – OnlyOffice affords the opportunity to self-host if the intention or local legislation requires you to host your document on your own infrastructure.

3. DocuWare Document Automation

DocuWare has been around a long time, first coming to market in 1988. DocuWare offers in-the-cloud document management and automation software. It also enables document digitization and security.

Predominantly focussed on workflow automation, DocuWare can offer solutions in the following spaces:

– Invoice Processing- Human Resources- Sales and Marketing- Document Archiving

4. LogicalDoc Document Management System

Also been around for a while, LogicalDoc was established in 2006. Focussed on Enterprise Document Management LogicalDoc strives to offer a scalable solution-oriented toward the pace and hugely varying document context in larger companies.

LogicalDoc offers four editions; Cloud, Enterprise, Business, and Community (open source and free).

An interesting offering is, an integration with Joomla, as well as WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS).

LogicalDOC Mobile makes it easy to access documents and to collaborate with colleagues from anywhere. You can download a document, work on it, and submit the modified version to the repository. Or, you can download a document and send it via email directly from your computer or phone. With LogicalDOC Mobile, your versions of a document and it’s historic data are always available.

5. Confluence Collaboration Suite

An Australian software company Atlassian developed Confluence. Confluence was first brought out in 2004 and was developed in the Java programming language. Confluence is aimed at team(s) collaboration.

Confluence is a team workspace where information and communication come together. Dynamic pages give your team the ability to develop, capture, and collaborate on any project or concept. Spaces help the team structure, coordinate, and share work. So every team member has visibility on institutional expertise and access to the information they need to do their best.

Confluence is for teams of any size and form, from those with mission-critical, high-profile projects that need rigor behind their practices, to those that are looking for a space to create a team culture and engage with each other in a more open and honest way.

Making the Right Choice

Every organization needs to handle the large volume of documents it creates. It has to be able to store them securely and to make them available to employees and other stakeholders as they need them.

It can be challenging making choices on document solutions.  You need to research the certain features and benefits that best suit your workplace. You need to keep an eye on these when weighing up the different document solutions available. 

Choosing to go with a document management solution gives you a competitive edge. That helps employees, access documents 24/7 and thereby increasing daily productivity. 

Head on over to our page for information on multifunction printers that will help control, monitor, manage, and maintain your document needs. 

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