Blueprint Printing in Color Is In, Black and White Are Out!

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Blueprint Printing

Did you know that more than 8.5 trillion pages get printed in the United States each year? These pages get used in the commerce industry as well as construction, advertising, architecture, and music industries. Some of the pages are printed in black and white while others are printed in color.

If you work in the construction industry, you probably know that most blueprints and schematics get printed in black and white. Printing in color used to be very expensive, but not anymore! Thanks to the latest technological advancements done by famous companies such as HP, Xerox, and Canon, you can now print in color at the same cost as black and white.

How would color blueprint printing benefit your company? Why should your workers have color blueprints and schematics instead of simple ones printed in black and white? Keep reading to find out.

Blueprint Printing

1. Color Blueprint Printing Can Save Money In the Long Run

​Construction drawings and blueprints are usually very complex. They contain a lot of elements and writings which need to be clearly emphasized. By printing in color, architects and engineers have an easier time finding what pipes go where, for example. Color printing makes it easier for workers to discriminate elements and this eliminates confusion and costly mistakes.

2. Color Schematics Can Save A Lot of Time

And in the world of business, time is money! Just imagine how would your world look like if everything would be black and white. You’d have a hard time finding your way around town, right? But thanks to colors, you can clearly discern the green light from the red one at a traffic light and this saves you time.

When it comes to construction blueprints and schematics, the situation is similar. Having elements printed in color makes it easier and quicker for architects to find what they are looking for in a single glance. Remember that today’s printing technology allows you to print color blueprints at nearly the same cost as black and white ones, so why shouldn’t you take advantage of this?

3. Color Printing Reduces Revisions and Lost Time

It’s quite common for engineers and construction workers to make mistakes simply because they haven’t checked the schematics thoroughly. For a high-end project, such mistakes can translate in thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The chief architect will eventually need to make revisions and attempt to recuperate the lost time. The completion time of the project might be delayed with a few days and all because of black and white schematics.

Having blueprints printed in color makes it easier for engineers to identify key elements and streamlines communications. Thanks to a better understanding between engineers, there is little to no loss in productivity and missed deadlines are minimized.

Take Advantage of Modern Printing Today!

Color blueprint printing has never been more accessible than today. Not only that it’s almost as inexpensive as black and white printing, but color printing also has a quick turnaround time.

Today’s printers work at lightning speeds and they can produce hundreds of high-quality, crisp, and clear color blueprints in just a few minutes. Check out our large format printers and find out more details!

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