Collaborative Workspaces Cutting Into Productivity?

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Recently, The Wall Street Journal published a blog that blames collaborative workspaces for lack of productivity in corporate offices. A new study by a workspace design firm uncovered that most modern office places that are designed to encourage collaboration are actually inhibiting employee productivity.

Ultimately, it would seem that corporate offices should provide space for collaboration between employees, but possibly provide more privacy for thought-intensive tasks that will take a lot longer if the employee is distracted by other workers walking through the area or taking calls at nearby desks.

When you invest in your business’s office technology, you likely do so to improve the productivity and profitability of your company. New printers cut down on the time your employees are standing around waiting for their documents. Managed document services cut down on the need for workers to go off searching for files. Network services ensure that you and your staff can get back online quickly in the event of system failure. But are you losing productivity elsewhere?

Is your office set up to foster collaboration, but also to provide some privacy and quiet space? Do you have the right type of workspace for your employees? Do you have the right people in the right places? These are a few of the questions you should ask yourself to determine if you are getting the most out of your workforce and workspace.

Hopefully, this will inspire some thought about effect of workplace design, so you can determine if you need to seek professional design services as a way to complement the efforts you make at enhancing productivity through updated office equipment and managed services from Wood Business.

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