Employee Frustrations Depicted in the Movies is Real

1800 Office SOlutions Team member - Elie Vigile
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Have you ever seen the movie “Office Space?” Did you know there are tons of videos in the Internet recreating the scene where Peter, Michael, and Samir go into a field to destroy the printer that kept reporting a paper jam when there was NO PAPER JAM? Faulty office equipment in the workplace is a real frustration for many people.

As an employer, we know you are concerned with your employees’ job satisfaction and you want to make sure they have the tools they need to do their jobs. That’s why you make sure you provide the right equipment for the needs of your business and you have them regularly serviced to prevent downtime and frustrating issues like non-existent paper jams, and actual paper jams, because those are the worst. Right?

If you haven’t recently reviewed your office technology needs, now might be a good time to do so. Survey the employees who most frequently use printers, copiers and fax machines and find out how often they run into issue. What are the most common issues? Find out if they have technology needs that are not being met. Once you have this valuable feedback from the people who are most affected by office technology, work with your technology partner, 1-800 Office Solutions, to find solutions that meet your business’s needs and budget.

You don’t want your employees on the Internet recreating the scene from “Office Space” with your office equipment. Don’t lose an expensive printer or worse, a valuable employee, over technical problems that could have been avoided.

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