Five More Ways to Go Green

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You already make smart choices about your office technology. You choose energy efficient printers and copiers, you use document management services to cut down on paper waste, and you have a recycling bin for the paper you do use. But have you ever wondered if there is anything else you could be doing to reduce your company’s carbon footprint?

Since our company cares about the environment as much as yours does, we thought we’d offer a few tips to help you company reduce waste, decrease energy use, and save some money in the process.

This list only touches on a few areas of sustainability and every business will have different needs, but we hope you’ll find it useful.


You already send out your recycling, and that’s great. But can you eliminate even more waste by using old paper as packing material instead of ordering bubble wrap? Crumple up waste paper and use it to fill boxes with non-fragile contents that you need to ship.

Provide a lunch area:

Going out to lunch means your employees will be doing excess driving and most takeout is packaged in not-so-environmentally-friendly packaging that will end up in the trash. If you provide a comfortable eating area away from the hustle and bustle of the office, people will be more likely to bring lunch from home and stay at the office to eat.

Provide Dishes:

Reduce waste in your lunchroom by providing glasses, dishes and metal utensils for employees that can be washed and reused.

Go Solar:

Many companies are not only saving on their energy bills by going solar, but are actually making money by paneling their entire roof and often times, their parking lots and selling the energy. If you have a decent sized building or parking lot, it’s worth looking into.

Allow Some Telecommuting:

There are many advantages to having all employees in the building at one time, but do they ALL have to commute there, EVERYDAY? Eliminating the commute of a handful of employees a few days a week reduces pollution. Additionally, you can conserve energy in the office if you have several offices or an entire department that is not running computers, turning on lights, and otherwise using energy.

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