Get More Efficiency Out of Your Office – Consider Managed Services

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Every business is focused on steering in more customers and earning more revenue. Neither of these objectives can be realized if offices are not efficient. The costs of the average office location have a direct impact on the business or company’s bottom line. Along with this issue, work force utilization impacts efficiency. Is every employee handing the tasks associated with their job?

When employees are asked to do tasks that are not in this category, their responsibilities suffer. Printing, for example, is one of the tasks that can get in the way of duties. Managed print services and documents management services are modern options for outsourcing necessary tasks. They provide offices with more efficiency and opportunities to expand business operations.

Regular Print Needs

Virtually all business required daily printing needs to operate. It doesn’t matter whether you are running and accounting firm or a retail store. There are printed materials needed on a regular basis. These are some of the most common:

  • Reports
  • Updates
  • Documents
  • Contracts

Managed print services take the hassle out of this work. Clerical employees can be more efficient without performing these tasks. Projects can be ordered through these services and done offsite. You can also use these services to track your print spending and reduce costs.

Network Assistance

Managed IT services are helpful for businesses with and without onsite IT departments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, there were more than 700,000 Computer Support Specialists employed in the U.S. these positions and related fields are depended upon for various IT needs. Managed services offer the expertise of these positions, without having to employ an onsite professional. Networks are monitored along with other IT related issues.

Document Storage

Studies have shown that 90% of important office information exists in paper form only. These are documents that are stored in physical filing cabinets instead of electronically. Documents management provides businesses with a more secure method of storing documents. This is a way to ensure that not only client information is protected. Data associated with business operations can be stored this way, as well. Storing documents offsite will also be a benefit should disaster affect the business.

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