Getting your Monthly Print Spend Under Control

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Depending on the size and nature of your business, you may not realize how much is actually being spent on printing on a monthly basis. Many businesses overlook this cost and deal with a variable every month, not actually addressing if there can be things put into place that will reduce this number. While this is understandable, if business want to grow efficiently, its printing needs to be under control.

Managed print services are designed to help a business control of the cost of their printing and their overall print environment. Getting your monthly print spend down to a manageable fixed cost is the goal to keep in mind. Wood Business Systems is able to do a specific print audit that is geared toward the unique needs of your business. By doing this, you are planning ahead for smooth sailing in the printing department.

Benefits of managed print services include:

  • Track and Monitor your Print Expenditures- One of the first thing managed print services attempt to do is to monitor all of your printing activity. This is done for a few reasons, the chief reason being to pinpoint areas of improvement in your print spend. This can be done by department or team.
  • Reducing Overall Print Costs- Once you have pinpointed the areas that need improvement, you can work on getting those departments up to speed on what needs to happen to get printing under control. You can choose to limit printing by department if necessary to keep costs under control.
  • Upgrading your Printer Fleet- Part of the initial assessment will also determine whether or not you need to upgrade your printer fleet for maximum efficiency. Although investing in equipment may present some costs up front, they are soon made up for in terms of increased productivity in the office.

If you are still struggling with getting your print spend under control, let us help you get where you need to be.

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