Green Techniques – Conserve By Outsourcing Print Needs

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Companies in various industries look for green techniques when conducting business. These are retail, food industry, accounting firms, and even publishing companies. Virtually every business these days has to participate in printing activities. There can be a lot of waste as it relates to printing. The average office worker has been recorded as printing approximately 10,000 sheets of paper each year.

Among this printed material are things that never should have been printed. Studies have shown that most printed items are discarded within about 48 hours. Imagine all of the wasted resources connected to printing. These are some of the supplies needed for printing:

  • Paper
  • Ink or Toner
  • Printer Equipment

Conservation is important not only in keeping in-line with office budgets, it is a way to help the environment. Outsourcing print projects can help you to conserve your resources. Managed print services are the answer to this question. The professionals who provide these services know how to assist companies of various sizes, helping you plan for large projects and save on resources.

Purchase Fewer Supplies

The United States currently contributes 30% of the world’s paper consumption. Included in this use of paper are materials printed in the average office. Documents, reports, and financial summaries are just a few of these items. Through managed print services, you can spend less of your annual revenue on supplies. This provides companies with opportunities to invest in other areas and to go green!

Use Less Energy

Utility bills are among the things that impact a company’s budget. Energy is used for every electronic activity in an office. It is especially important when you print. Power for computers, printers and copiers are required. Managed services are done offsite in most instances. Using them allows you to print less in the office and to save money.

Conserving through how your run your company is important. This means finding ways to use fewer resources all around. Onsite printing can be done in a green way by using recycled materials. When you have larger projects, managed print services may be helpful. They print remotely and offer you scheduled projects for special events. View more details on managed print services here!

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