How Document Management Can Help Your Company Go Green

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According to The Business Guide to Paper Reduction, the average US office worker uses approximately one sheet of paper every twelve minutes. Over the course of a year, that translates to about 10,000 sheets of paper per person.

The Paper Trail

Each US office worker is estimated to throw away 100-200 pounds of paper every year. An estimated 50 to 70% of printed documents end up in filing cabinets, and approximately 45% of those are duplicated information. Unbelievably, statistics show about 80% of that information is never accessed again. Clearly, the computer age has not brought about the anticipated paperless revolution.

A Solution is Closer Than You Think

For companies wishing to begin green initiatives in earnest, document management and its processes of storing and sharing files electronically is clearly a good step. Not only will you be doing your part by saving trees, you’ll be cutting down on the associated use and disposal of consumables like ink and toner cartridges. And by going paperless as much as possible, your company will be setting the trend. When your business interactions bypass the fax, printer, and snail-mail box, your colleagues will respond in kind.

More Green Benefits through Document Management

  • Save energy. A fleet of printers is expensive in terms of energy usage. Document management bypasses the printer by storing, sharing, and editing files electronically.
  • Scale down on office space. Did you know that paper storage cabinets and filing boxes are estimated to take up a whopping 50-70% of office space? By ridding yourself of most of them, you can expect to need a lot less expensive real estate square footage, with related reductions in the costs to maintain it.

To find out more about how Document Management can help your company tread more lightly on the planet, contact Wood Business Solutions today!

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