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Many companies are looking for ways to simplify their printing needs. They want to find methods of getting this work done, while saving money. Managed print services offer businesses and companies the options they are looking for. These services are done by professionals that understand what it needed to provide quality print projects.

They are also experts when it comes to tailoring items to meet corporate needs. It is no longer necessary to use your workforce to perform printing activities. You can allow them to do their job functions while all of your printing is done offsite. It doesn’t matter, what type of projects are required. You can get any of these quickly and efficiently:

  • Reports
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Contracts
  • Marketing Materials

Managed print services allow you to eliminate the cost of printers and copiers. Associated supplies for these machines are avoided, as well. It is possible to thoroughly track your print activities through these services.

Plan for Print Projects

The average business with an IT department is likely to have Computer Support Specialists. This field alone is expected to grow by 17% by 2022. These professionals are needed for specific types of computer-related issues. It is not productive to use these employees for print projects. Small businesses, often try to multi-task in this way. Managed print service workers can dedicate themselves solely to your projects.

Monitor Your Orders

You can monitor your orders electronically with managed print services. It is not necessary to print every single document produced in your office. Having the option of deciding what print gives you more power. It is also a good way to ensure unnecessary costs are not incurred. Studies have shown that most paper materials are discarded within 48 hours of being printed. Tracking will eliminate this waste, while keeping materials secure.

Organize Materials

You can organize the materials printed through managed services. Some projects will include documents that are regularly used. Others must be tailored to specific clients. Organization keeps things in order when it comes to what is printed. It is possible to get only the materials needed for your project with these services. This is a way to save time and money with these activities.

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