Managed Print Services—Benefits You’ll Appreciate

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Many businesses are turning to managed print services to help reduce expenses and optimize workflows. They’re on to something big. Without a managed print environment, businesses have no clear way to track expenses. Purchases like ink, toner, and paper fly well under the radar, and printer maintenance is an expensive and unpredictable headache. Fortunately, there’s a real solution.

First Things First

Fleet assessment.
A total assessment of your current fleet, including usage patterns and placement, is the first step in the managed print services process. You may have more print devices than you really need, and many may not be placed to best serve employees. We’ll not only figure out what devices are serving you best, we’ll organize a workflow environment that makes sense, saving both time and money.

Print analysis.
Most businesses have no idea how many copies are being printed. We can remotely monitor print patterns and pinpoint areas of high usage. Ongoing measurement will help you understand just where your print resources are going.

Features and Benefits

Managed consumables.
Printer ink cartridges, toner, and paper are one of those areas where spending and ordering can get out of control. The result is often bulky, overflowing supply closets that don’t work well for anyone. As your managed print services provider, we’ll take over administration of your printing supplies with automatic ordering of consumables as you need them. You’ll save the hassle of storing excess supplies and eliminate costly emergencies due to shortages.

Fleet maintenance.
With remote and onsite monitoring of your fleet, emergency breakdowns due to missed maintenance will become rare. We’ll keep your devices running at top efficiency levels. You’ll not only free up your IT team for value-added projects, your employees will appreciate equipment that’s ready to serve their needs.

Predictable budgets.
With managed print services, you’ll have one predictable monthly cost for your total print environment. No more budget busting surprises or fuzzy print spend predictions. You’ll know exactly what was spent and where, and realize savings of up to 30 percent.

Enhanced security.
Managed print services can help you with password protected printing and copying, access control and more, to ensure your documents are protected from unauthorized access.

To find out more ways your business can benefit from managed print services, contact 1-800 Office Solutions Technologies today!

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