Money, Space, and Time: The Efficiency of Multifunctional Printers in Today’s Office Environment

1800 Office SOlutions Team member - Elie Vigile
1800 Team

As companies begin to seek out new printing technology to maximize workspace efficiency, multifunctional printers have become a more and more attractive option. A multifunctional printer is efficient in three key arenas: money, space, and time.

Financial Efficiency

Cost-effective solutions are particularly attractive these days, and a multifunctional printer can help companies achieve lower overhead costs. These printers are affordable and can sometimes even be rented or leased, depending on an office’s budget and needs. As the printers become more widespread and varied, companies can also choose to purchase printers with solely the features they require, thereby saving money.

Saving Space

Most multifunctional printers can print in both greyscale and color, and moreover can serve as a copier, scanner, and fax machine at the same time. One machine with the ability to perform all of these functions ends up saving an office a great deal of space.


These printers allow for multi-tasking on a grand scale. They are able to queue printing orders so that no time is wasted between printing jobs, and can also simultaneously be used to scan, copy, or fax documents.

In the end, it’s easy to see why multifunctional printers are increasingly popular in modern office spaces. These printers save companies financial resources, office space, and productivity time. They are the ultimate addition to a workplace seeking to maximize efficiency.

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