3 Benefits of Switching to a Multifunction Printer

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Benefits of Switching to a Multifunction Printer

Every year, new advancements in technology become increasingly impressive. Businesses and offices are heavily impacted by…

the technology movements of recent decades.

Companies with single-function technology are missing out on a myriad of options that can increase productivity and save resources. One excellent investment for any office is a multifunction printer or copier.

Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers combine and condense printers, fax machines, copiers, and scanners into one powerhouse office machine. Here are three major benefits of upgrading to one of these useful tools.

1. Free Up Space The most obvious benefit of combining multiple pieces of office equipment into one is that it saves space. Eliminating bulky excess equipment can make your office more open! Instead of having to house four or five separate machines, offices can setup one central printing area.

2. One Stop Shop Investing in one of these machines makes your print station into a one stop shop for all printing, copying, faxing, and scanning needs! This saves time and increases productivity in the work place. It also allows for integration of multiple functions at once. For example, an employee could scan and email a copy of a document and then quickly make a hard copy by simple pressing a few buttons!

3. Use Less Energy Most new machinery has power saving options that automatically kick on after a period of not being used. Additionally, many of these machines are built to be more efficient with their power usage overall. This saves on energy bills and makes the whole work station more streamlined.

Companies in Florida who are ready to make the switch to effective, easy-to-use multifunction printers can contact 1800 Office Solutions to discover the possibilities and benefits ahead!

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