Finding an Office Printer For Lease (And Why It’s Better Than Buying It Completely)

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You’re starting a new business and have an office space already lined up. But you’re on a shoestring budget at the moment. Plus, you need an office printer. Did you know that you can get an office printer for lease?

It’s the best option for financial reasons and will come in handy until you are able to purchase an office printer of your own. In this article, we’ll cover as many bases as possible including the cost of an office printer, why it’s necessary, and the pros and cons.

How much will leasing an office printer cost you?

The short answer: it depends. It will depend on the size and type of printer that you are looking at. Of course, the price will vary. If you are purchasing a small printer, you can stand to spend anywhere from $50 to $100 per month. A high volume printers will run anywhere between $150 to $400 while higher-end brands will end up costing you around $500 to $1000 a month.

You should take your budget into consideration in order to choose the printer that is right for your personal needs and preferences. If your office is small and has only a few employees, a small printer will be sufficient. If you are looking for a network printer, that’s where the more expensive printers will be a better option.

Office Printer For Lease

Why should you lease office equipment?

One of the top reasons why leasing office equipment is the best option is finances. Even small businesses that are keeping cash flow tight for the time being will choose to lease office equipment as opposed to buying it outright.

This will also be easier for you financially since you can make payments towards owning it outright. You can make monthly payments for the life of the lease until it is officially paid off. Not a bad option compared to buying it in one lump sum, which can be higher depending on where you are purchasing it.

One of the best things that a lease will be good for is that you might not get charged for any kind of repairs or maintenance if something happens to it (barring any kind of neglect or intended abuse). Prior to leasing office equipment, you might want to see what kind of warranty or repair clause is intact with the paperwork. Find out what kind of damages it can be able to cover so you are able to get the repairs done for a reduced price or for free.

One of the drawbacks of leasing office equipment is the terms and conditions. Some of the agreements may not be as flexible as others. It’s important to do some additional research on who will give you the best lease (or the lease that will allow you more freedom).

Pros and Cons of Leasing A Printer

There are plenty of advantages to leasing a printer. However, there are some drawbacks as well. Let’s begin by covering the pros:


  •  You can upgrade at any point during your lease to a better printer once your business grows
  • Less expensive. You can make reasonably priced monthly payments
  • You can buy the device outright towards the end of your contract
  • Tax benefits are available for leasing over those who purchase equipment outright
  • You can update the equipment with the latest software and drivers free of charge


  • Cost of ownership is much higher
  • Leasing periods are set in stone
  • The equipment belongs to the leasing company while you still pay for it. So you can’t sell it while it’s still under lease
  • The leasing terms may not be in your favor depending on the company you are going through


If you are a business that is on a budget and wants to keep your expenses to a minimum, then find an office printer for lease if you are in need of one. A printer will definitely work to your advantage whenever you need to print hard copy documents.

Even if your business is well-established financially, you still have the option to lease office equipment. You’d be surprised by the kind of benefits you can get out of spending money per month on office equipment rather than buy it outright.

For example, if your tax bill seems to be giving you grief every year, you can make it easier just by leasing office equipment. You’ll get plenty of tax benefits and even pay less. Contact your local office suppliers today and see if they are able to lease you a printer for your business.

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