When Hiring Printer Technicians Look For These 5 Things

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A Guide to Hiring Qualified Printer Technicians

Your switch to a multi-function printer was in good earnest. You combined solutions within one, big printer. Yet, more moving parts mean more chances something can go wrong! That’s when you start dialing for printer repair services and hire qualified printer technicians.

Hiring Printer Technicians

1. Experience

There are hundreds of business printers on the market. Several variations exist for each model with minor nuances that do matter! You’ll want a printer tech with ample experience across all printer types.

Ask them about items like:

  • Their history and years in the industry
  • Challenges and how they’ve overcome them
  • Identifying common error codes and what they mean
  • Put those hiring skills to the test when bringing on a tech.

Consider if they’ve worked with your brand of printers such as a plotter or large format machine.

For example:

The HP Designjet, a popular choice, has common errors from 11:11 cabling error to 81:01 paper motor errors. It may show faded prints or have a jam. Whatever the large format or plotter error is, you’ll want a tech knowing about these issues by heart.

2. Pricing

You’re running a business so pricing matters.

It’s always best to ask a few providers before deciding on the one. This gives you a general idea of said services and reasonable pricing.

Beware of cheap services as they may be too good to be true. Yet, don’t assume a huge invoice a clear indicator they’re great at what they do, either.

3. Certification

You have two considerations:

  • Option A: Do I need someone certified so I don’t ruin the warranty?
  • Option B: Do I care if my printer is out of warranty or second-hand?

Get a printer tech with certification for your printer’s brand. This ensures they understand the ins and outs of the machine. And, they follow the exact procedures so you don’t ruin such an expensive investment.
Bought second-hand? The certification is up-to-you though it’s still best it’s held as a qualifier for quality work!

4. Response Time

What good is the best printer tech if they aren’t available?

Look for:

  • Proximity
  • Average response time
  • Repair estimates

Think of the lost opportunity costs when considering paying extra for urgent response. And, consider if this is a regular problem you’ll need fixing often.

5. Professionalism

A techie showing up, bogarting the room, or being rude to employees is no good. You need to ensure they’re not nefarious and cause security issues, too!

Check their reviews and client feedback, seeing what they say about them. Use the phone consultation to “feel out” how they act and respond. Hire one showing respect, ethics, and professionalism throughout their presentation and work.

Consider Managed IT to Save Time and Money

A business having to call printer technicians every time the machine goes down quick adds up. The business also loses a lot of money if operations come to a halt! You can’t afford this happening often.

Let us handle any problems holding back your business with our IT solutions.

We’ll make quick work of any downtime. And, can prevent these occurrences through regular printer maintenance. See our catalog of managed IT services and get in touch.

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