Finding Printers IP Address – Mac & Windows

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How to Find Printers IP Address

Wireless printing is the new craze for an easy, quick result, but finding the IP address on a printer is the opposite. Printing from anywhere in the house or from multiple different devices is necessary and convenient in today’s modern world. It can be tricky figuring out how to set it up. Here is how to find the IP address on your printer.

Different Ways to Find a Printer IP Address for Different Devices

Depending on the device, there are multiple routes for finding a printer IP address. It is important to know what type of device it is and what operating system. For example, a Mac could have an operating system called OS X Yosemite.

On the other hand, a Windows computer is usually a number. For example, Windows 10 or 11.

Finding A Printers IP Address on a Mac

There are tips and tricks to finding the printer’s IP address on a Mac. Follow along to understand how to discover where these numbers are hiding.

Step One

The first step to finding a printer’s IP address on a mac is heading to the system preferences. System preferences are the control area where settings are changed about the computer.

Step Two

Go to the printer settings (usually a small picture of a printer) and click on it. Then hit a button that opens the print queue.

Step Three

Click on the printer menu and click the “print test page” then go to the Device URI. The address will be listed as IP= followed by many numbers. That’s the IP address for the printer!

Finding a Printers IP Address on a Windows Computer

The set up for finding an address on a Windows operating system is different than a Mac. These two systems both offer the ability to search for the printer’s IP address from the main menu.

Step One

The main control panel on Windows is the best place to start. This is where all the applications on the computer are located.

Step Two

Locate where printer icon. Usually, it is associated with “devices and printers” coupled together in the Windows menu.

Step Three

Click on the printer that is desired. Right-clicking on the desired printer will drop down a menu and then the word “properties” will be one of the options.

Step Four

After Clicking on this, under web services the printer’s IP address is located just at the bottom of the window.

How to Find the IP Address of a Canon Printer

Step One

Locate the computer’s IP address whether it is Mac or Windows. The IP address is usually found in the system preference for Mc. For Windows, it can be found in the control panel.

Step Two

Write down the IP address of the computer and then type this number into the browser exactly as is. This will open up a window.

Step Three

The network map should be an option to choose from. Click on this option. It will then open the IP address that is assigned to the printer.

Troubleshooting How to Find Printers IP Address

An IP address is Lost and Can’t Be Retrieved Through the Computer

An IP address is usually much easier to locate on a wireless computer if the printer USB cord can be temporarily plugged in. Try plugging in the USB cord that connects the computer and the printer.

Locate the IP address of the printer under the list of printers available in the control panel or settings of the computer. It should be a list of numbers underneath the details of the printer that is chosen.

Other Ways to Find the Printers IP Address

If there are still troubles finding the printer’s IP address, there are other options. Usually trying to go to the printer’s configuration and network settings is the best bet to find the printer’s IP address.

If the Printer Isn’t Connected

A new printer may not register or connect to the WIFI right away. This may prevent the possibility of finding an IP address on the computer it is supposed to be connected to.

How to Connect My Printer to the Network

If there are issues with the printer connecting to the network, then it is best to look at the printer itself. Wireless printers often come with a screen and a menu on it.

Often the IP address can be found on this menu. Heading to either settings or a network settings drop-down menu on the wireless printer itself can lead to the IP address.


There are many ways to find the IP address of the printer depending on what type of computer program you have. Overall, it can be found by typing in the computer’s IP address in the search bar or going through the computer system settings.

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