Printers Need Security as Well

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Just about every company has firewall protection and solutions to protect important information from hackers and thieves. Any company with an IT system needs to make sure they are protecting their documents and files. But many of these companies don’t realize that not only do they need to protect what is on the desktop and hard drive but also what is being printed.

Many businesses are guilty of thinking that if their IT systems are secure and closely then they are covered.

But believe it or not printing is an area where unlawful activity can occur.

If your company uses the printer to print out any information that is private or secure then they are at risk of getting this information stolen.

With the new age many employees are able to work from home and be able to use mobile devices to send print jobs to the office without being present in the office.

Companies need to take certain measurements to ensure the printer doesn’t open up avenues for hackers and thieves to steal vital information.

Companies should:

  • Be careful: Don’t leave printed information lying around. Many employees will send a job to the printer, get distracted and not retrieve the document from the printer. Allowing many eyes to see the document and even allowing people to take photos of the document.
  • Be aware: Don’t allow just anyone to print just anything. If files have very sensitive materials block them from being printed and even viewed to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • Be secure: Set passwords on the printer and have a virtual printer queue. With this an employee can send a document to the printer and it wont print out until the employee enters their password at the printing device. This will ensure that only they will see the document they are printing.

Following these guidelines will provide your company with more security to the documents that are being printed.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of printer security and let information fall into the wrong hands and possibly face a lawsuit or other consequences.

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