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There are many corporations andsmall businesses that have chosen to outsource important areas of their processes to professionals. This is often a perfect decision, especially if a company is on the verge of managing their internal IT needs, but don’t yet have the resources to manage it. While not a managed IT service, document management can also be advantageous to a company wanting to propel efficiency and organization at work. Documents are essential resources for a business. Organizing that information in an electronic format has several advantages businesses owners might not quite understand or even recognize. An additional benefit to having a document management system is also the proven fact that your data becomes stored and protected against disaster.

If you are currently thinking about switching to a Managed Print Service, here are our top 10 reasons to go for it:

    1. Reduced costs. Typically you will save 10-30% of your total print budget annually
    By Conducting a detailed analysis of your current fleet of devices and looking to optimise the most cost effective devices and introduce
    print management software we can help you take control of you print environment

    2. Simplify budgeting – you have a known cost for the year
    By Implementing a managed print solution you outsource administration and costs associated with running a fleet of printers and you can budget
    based on actual usage while standardising equipment and improving performance

    3. Achieve consistent print quality (for example colour matching across your range of printers)
    No more expensive costs associated with printing corporate logos. The latest print technology allows you to print your corporate colours
    accurately and consistently on demand and saves having to purchase excessive quantities of print material that may become out of date as soon as
    they are printed.

    4. Improved functionality
    The latest equipment from Xerox and Canon are business communication hub. They combine high capacity, copying, printing faxing and scanning.
    Incorporating paper documents into business workflows allow you to manage both soft and hard copies of your documents.

    5. Standardised equipment – less staff training
    A Fleet MPS Solution provides standardised equipment so that all users in all departments can easily access and use all the functions within the
    managed solution. Drivers are standardised to remove unnecessary workload from busy IT teams and all product use latest security and cost
    control features

    6. Access to specialised Help Desk support
    Fleet MPS offer a dedicated helpdesk whereby all service calls are remotely analysed to see if end user support can be provided via the help
    desk to help resolve issues in real time.

    7. Single point of invoicing
    Reduce the number of PO’s and invoices required to run a busy office space. One invoice for all equipment, service and supplies that is clear
    and transparent and enables easy budgeting of print related costs

    8. Proactive service – your MPS supplier will deliver automatically
    Fleet MPS provide proactive service monitoring of the print environment constantly tracking performance of the devices and providing remote
    support and diagnostics for machines so that service calls are logged in real time and responded to immediately.

    9. More environmentally friendly
    By implementing a Managed Print solution the use of modern equipment form the markets leading manufacturers also gives your business a
    sustainable. Less energy consumption more environmental manufacturing process and less wastage from consumables mean that you can also
    demonstrate a reduction in you business’s carbon footprint

    10. Network based Scanning and Document Workflow
    Fleet MPS’ print solution can also help improve you business workflow processes. They are have powerful scanning technology that can be
    designed to integrate into you back office document applications like Share point, SAP and many others. For the smaller businesses there is
    now the opportunity to take advantage of scanning straight to colour application like Dropbox and Google docs.

While there are many more elements of document management that you need to consider, contemplating the previously mentioned topics needs to be enough to make a change. Contact us today!

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