How Going Green saves you money!

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Going Green

There’s more to going Green than just recycling. Green-friendly initiatives reduce costs and have a positive impact on the environment…

1800 Office Solutions can provide the Managed Print benefits your organization needs. With Managed Print Services, your organization can employ the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This service is based on a specific plan of action that will best serve your company’s needs. We can help you make the transition to a greener print strategy.

Going Green


Using energy efficiently reduces costs and waste. Newer printers with the latest technology function at more efficient levels, saving you time and money.

Reviewing your printing practices is an easy way to go green and save resources. Print on both sides, use energy management settings on printers, set restrictions on printers. Managed Print Services can help you assess all your practices and set up a plan that works best for your organization.


Don’t throw out your old printer fleet: reassign your existing printers to areas where the demand for print jobs is lower. Let our partners help you assess your current inventory and determine a better solution and reduce print costs.


Recycling is a simple way to be eco-friendly. Recycle paper, cartridges, and more. Managed Print takes into account all the possible ways organizations can recycle waste for improved sustainability. Using recycled supplies like paper and trading in older printers are just some of the other ways this third R can benefit you and the environment.

Managed Print makes it easy to Go Green. 1800 Office Solutions knows how to find a plan that makes sustainability come naturally to your business. Our hassle-free approach comes from a plan tailored for you. You will see improved productivity, cost savings, and a greener approach to printing.

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