Some Practical Tips for Choosing an Office Printer

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Choosing the best printer for your office needs doesn’t have to be confusing. Taking careful stock of your primary printing needs will help you choose a copier or printer with the features and capabilities you need on a regular basis. Here are a few important considerations:

Fit Your Printer to Your Office Size

Are you printing relatively few copies a day, or hundreds? A desktop inkjet or laser printer is a good choice if you’re the only user, printing just a dozen or so pages a day. A busy office may benefit from multiple desktop copiers rather than trying to juggle one main office machine. Capacity and speed come into play with multiple users and high volume print jobs. If that’s the case, a multifunction system may be your best option. A multiple-user office may also benefit from access controls and security features.

Paper Handling Capabilities

If your daily business operations require a printer with unique paper handling capabilities, the printer you choose should be able to handle those jobs. Do you require labels, postcards, envelopes, or other thicker media? Some laser printers offer specialized features like collating and stapling––both big time savers. And printers with two-sided or duplexing capabilities can help you save both money and filing space.

Sticker Price Vs. Overall Cost

Before you choose your printer based solely on the sticker price, consider this: The cheapest is not necessarily the least expensive. A low sticker price often means higher priced consumables, and you’ll end up paying more in the long run. Research ink and toner prices before you buy to avoid budget surprises later. Also, consider your primary business printing needs. Do your daily tasks require a color printer? If so, let us help you find the best fit––inkjet, laser, LED, or solid ink.

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