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If your company is searching for the very best in a telephone system offering the latest in technology, look no further than Mitel Business Phones from 1-800 Office Solutions. We can help your organization choose a professional system that meets your critical business needs, because when it comes to communication, mistakes are not an option.

You use your telephone system to make connections with employees, business partners, and clients. Finding the best fit comes by first identifying your unique communication requirements.

How will your system be used?

Identifying your daily phone requirements while factoring in room for growth is a good place to start when choosing a new telephone system.

  • How many employees will use your phone system?
  • What is your call volume, and do you make a significant number of international calls?
  • Do you require a system specifically to address customer service needs?
  • Do you depend upon teleconferencing calls?
  • Do you have a large staff of mobile or remote employees?
  • Would you like to save money on cellular phone costs?

Mitel Has a Solution for You

With our wide range of digital and IP phones, consoles, conference phones, and peripherals, we have a system that will work for you.

  • IP Phone Systems and Peripherals. Whether you need an entry-level system or something more sophisticated, Mitel offers the widest range of IP phone systems and desktop units, all featuring user-friendly intuitive access to advanced features and applications.
  • SIP Phones. A good choice for lighter business and home-business applications, SIP phones offer flexibility and exceptional features.
  • Voice over Wi-Fi. Enhance your remote workforce mobility and extend communications networks with Voice over Wi-Fi systems.
  • Integrated IP Wireless Phones. These in-building wireless phone systems allow communication among employees while on premise, cutting down on costly cellular calls.
  • Softphones. Extend your communications options for both onsite and remote employees with Softphone capabilities, allowing users to make and receive calls on their computers.
  • Digital Phones and Peripherals. Choose from our line of digital business phone solutions for companies of all sizes and use requirements.

To find the perfect Mitel Business Phone system match for your company, contact the experts at 1-800 Office Solutions today!

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