Thinking about that Multifunction Upgrade?

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There are a few times within the life of an office worker where weighing the benefits and drawbacks of upgrading a piece of office equipment is seriously considered. If you are currently finding yourself in one of these dilemmas, maybe we can offer assistance. One of the most sought after upgrades is to make the switch to a multifunction system to replace out-of-date freestanding printers.

Multifunction systems are powerful machines that combine all of your basic office functions into one easy-to-use machine. They also offer myriad other capabilities that benefit the office worker and the office as a whole. If you’re interested in providing your office with an efficient means to get the job done, you may consider upgrading your office equipment today.

Benefits of upgrading to a multifunction system include:

  • Saving Much Needed Space- Consolidating all of your office equipment into one, easy machine is a great way to save space around the office. If you suffer from a lot of office clutter, especially with outdated machines, then making the upgrade to a multifunction system will definitely be a welcome one.
  • More Efficient Use of Power- Newer models of multifunction systems are much more efficient in the amount of power they use to complete a job. This includes using less supplies and materials when printing than earlier models. It also will enter power saving mode when not in use, further saving your company money.
  • Increased Ease of Use- One of the great benefits to the individual office worker is the ease of use a new multifunction system provides. No one likes the feeling of being stuck on a print job, and it certainly can’t happen when someone is busy. With intuitive touch screens, new models of multifunction printers convey the information in a straightforward manner to the user.
  • Advanced Time Saving Capabilities- There are many other capabilities associated with a multifunction printer that can save time and boost productivity in the office. Things like scan to email, copy to email, and automatic routing can get documents directly where you need to get them in a shorter amount of time.

Make the switch and get upgraded to a multifunction system to notice the difference.

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