Three Benefits of Managed Print Services

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As a business owner, you do your best to control spending, tracking every penny as it winds its way through your budget. However, there may be one area that you’re overlooking. Do you know how much your business spends on materials for printers? Items like paper, toner, ink cartridges, and hardware can really eat into your carefully balanced budget. Fortunately, tackling your printing budget is easier than you might expect, especially when you decide to take advantage of the benefits of managed print services.

How Your Business Benefits

    1. Increased savings – If your business is like most organizations, it probably spends from one to three percent of its annual revenue on printing costs. With a managed print service, your company can see savings of up to 41 percent.

    2. Predictable pricing – With a managed print service, you pay for what you need, so your business doesn’t have to keep wasting money on toner or ink for the printers, only to have them dry out before using them. Your business can more easily budget for the price of printing without worrying about affecting other parts of the budget.

    3. Hardware consolidation – Did you know that for every dollar spent on printing some organizations spend another nine dollars to manage the printing environment? Managed print services eliminate the need to maintain hardware, reducing the necessary budget for such equipment.

The benefits of managed print services will not only help your business save money, but they will also help increase efficiency. Let your business experience a new way of printing, contact 1-800 Office Solutions Technologies today!

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