Tips to Save Paper in your Office

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In recent times businesses have been striving to go “green.” Not only to be environmentally friendly but also to save money. One of the ways you can cut costs and be kind to the earth is by reducing the amount of printing you do in your office.

Printing is a vital part of business but many companies use a lot more paper and ink than they should.

Here are nine policies you can enforce in your office to help become “green.”

  • Policy one: Use double-sided printing!
  • Policy two: Use smaller print!
  • Policy three: Format documents differently to reduce the white space on the paper.
  • Policy four: Allow minor hand written corrections to in house documents.
  • Policy five: Print only what is needed!
  • Policy six: Reduce printing by sending everything you possibly can including invoices and receipts through email.
  • Policy seven: Make all docs single-spaced!
  • Policy eight: Only use colored ink when you absolutely have to!
  • Policy nine: Recycle!

Use these policies and create an environmentally friendly office and also reduce costs that are associated with printing.

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