How to Turn Off Double Sided Printing

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While each device and application will ultimately have its own set of steps to turn off double sided printing, there are some common steps that work in most cases. While it is likely that your device has automatically selected one option or the other, you can easily change this to match your specific needs.

By setting up your print settings to align with your goals, you can save paper and ensure that the final document looks the way you want it to. If you need the second page to give to someone else or get a signature, you may not want it to end up on the back of the first page.

Whether you are using Windows 10 or a Mac, you can likely adjust your printers setting using your word processing application. This should help you stop printing double sided with any Brother, HP, Canon, or other printer since you change the setting in on your computer through an application like Word, Google Docs, or Adobe.

Microsoft Word

When using Microsoft Word you can adjust your print settings pretty simply. You’ll want to start by choosing file from the menu. Once you’ve chosen file go down to select the print option.

Once you have accessed your printer settings, you can begin looking for your 1 sided versus 2-sided print options. Depending on which addition or version of Microsoft Word you are using this may be located in different places. That said, it should be easy to find.

Typically, it is on the very first portion of the menu and is often set by default to print on one side only. Beside that option should be a small drop-down arrow that will allow you to change to print to two sides.

When you change it to 2-sided printing, you can also choose whether you want it to flip horizontally or vertically. If you choose to have it flip horizontally, then it will turn side to side like the pages of a book. If you choose to have it flip vertically then it will flip top to bottom more like when it’s on a clipboard.

Google Docs

Google Docs is set up much like Microsoft Word. This means that the directions to adjust your print settings here are similar to those for Microsoft Word.

When using Google Docs, you’ll still want to select file from your menu options period from there you’ll go all the way down to the bottom to the print option.

Once you’re looking at your print menu, you will need to click on the drop-down arrow for more settings. This will expose the option to print two-sided.

Printing to Copiers

If you work in a large building that utilizes free standing copiers as their printers as well, you may have the option to change your print settings on the copier itself. This is especially true when the copier and your device are set to hold print.

Hold print is used when organizations want users to send their document to the printer digitally but will not use the paper or ink to print it until the user shows up at the printer. This is a great way for organizations to save paper and ink when users accidentally sent documents to the wrong printer.

By using the hold print option with a large copier, you can use the copier to set how you wish the document to be printed. Each of these large printers and copiers operates a little bit differently. Their menus can be complicated at times, but a few things are common.

Typically, you will go a print menu before selecting your username. This will allow you to access your hold print jobs and is where you will likely find setting options for two-sided printing.


How to Set Off Double Sided Printing:

It is easy to change a setting one time and then struggle to remember how to change it back. If you are wondering how to get your printer to stop double sided printing, start by looking at the print settings on your word processing application. By accessing the file menu and the print settings, you can easily change the double sided printing or print 2-sided option back to printing on just one side. In most cases, it won’t matter if you are using a canon, Epson, HP, or Brother printer.

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