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Get the best copier sales, lease, and rental deals in the Pennsylvania state.


Print non-stop without worrying about running out of ink or toner.


Our team guarantees quick installations, getting you operational in a flash.


Whether you're printing, faxing, or scanning, our machines deliver top-notch results.


Whether you need a brief printer rental or a lasting contract, we've got your back!

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Pennsylvania Office Copier Lease

Whether you’re looking for a simple desktop copier, a robust manufacturing printer, or a comprehensive office setup, finding the right fit becomes effortless. Serving areas like Drexel Hill, Easton, and Erie, we pride ourselves on simplifying the selection process.


Our inventory boasts top brands like Canon, Ricoh, and Toshiba, ensuring that businesses in Harrisburg, York, and Wilkes-Barre have access to the best.

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In Pennsylvania, from Scranton to Philadelphia and beyond, businesses seek streamlined printing solutions. That’s where 1-800 Office Solutions steps in. We recognize the importance of efficient printing operations, and our Print Management Services (PMS) is crafted to let you concentrate on your core business, while we handle the printing complexities.


Our approach is comprehensive. From enhancing your printing setup and cutting down expenses to bolstering document safety and promoting eco-friendly practices, we’ve got Pennsylvania businesses covered. Join hands with us for a smooth, economical, and forward-thinking print environment, tailored just for you.

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Why Opt for 1-800 Office Solutions?

Three Decades of Expertise in Pennsylvania

For over 32 years, 1-800 Office Solutions has been the trusted choice for businesses across Pennsylvania, from Allentown to Bethlehem and Erie to Scranton. We recognize the pivotal role that the right equipment plays in streamlining operations, especially in dynamic cities like Harrisburg, York, and Wilkes-Barre.


Our commitment goes beyond just providing equipment. In places like Reading, State College, and West Chester, we’ve become synonymous with quality and reliability. Our range of commercial copiers is designed to cater to the diverse needs of Pennsylvania’s businesses. Our seasoned support team, familiar with the unique demands of cities like McKeesport, Monroeville, and West Mifflin, ensures that you not only get the best equipment but also the guidance to choose what’s right for you.


But our offerings aren’t just about top-tier equipment. It’s about enhancing efficiency, cutting down operational costs, and boosting productivity. For businesses in Radnor, Upper Darby, and Hazleton, our commercial copier leases with unlimited print options have been game-changers. Print without constraints, without fretting over expenses. And with our complimentary installation service, businesses in Drexel Hill, Easton, and beyond can get their copiers up and running swiftly, ensuring minimal downtime.

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Mandy Thompson

1-800 Office Solutions transformed our office operations. Their expertise and top-notch equipment have made our daily tasks so much smoother. Highly recommended for any business in Pennsylvania!

Kevin Rodriguez

I was initially overwhelmed with the choices for office equipment, but the team at 1-800 Office Solutions guided me every step of the way. Now, our office in Bethlehem runs more efficiently than ever.

Liam Patterson

From the moment we reached out to 1-800 Office Solutions, their professionalism and dedication stood out. Our copier lease has been hassle-free, and their support team is always ready to assist. A game-changer for our business in Scranton!

Grace Mitchell

Choosing 1-800 Office Solutions was one of the best decisions for our startup in Allentown. Their range of commercial copiers is impressive, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Two thumbs up!


In cities like Allentown, Altoona, and Bethlehem, the smooth flow of daily tasks is often anchored to the dependability of copiers and printers. When these crucial devices face issues, it can ripple disruptions across businesses in Pennsylvania. Our specialized Copier and Printer Repair Services, reaching from Chester to Doylestown and Erie, stand as a beacon of reliability, aiming to reduce any operational hiccups to the bare minimum.


Armed with a squad of seasoned technicians, who are well-versed with the latest diagnostic tools and techniques, we ensure swift and effective solutions. So, whether your operations are based in Harrisburg, York, or Wilkes-Barre, you can count on us to keep your printers and copiers running at their peak, promising both durability and top-tier performance.

Is you printer waste cartridge full? Learn how to safely empty it


From Reading to Radnor and State College to Scranton, businesses, both big and small, are in constant need of top-tier multifunctional printers. 1-800 Office Solutions is proud to introduce Xerox’s avant-garde collection, ensuring impeccable outputs, rapid print/copy/scan capabilities, and intuitive interfaces, especially tailored for dynamic cities like Wilkinsburg and Williamsport.


1-800 Office Solutions stands as Pennsylvania’s reliable ally in office equipment. We’re honored to feature Xerox’s pioneering range of copiers and laser printers. Synonymous with innovation and longevity, Xerox devices represent the pinnacle of professional-grade machinery. Whether you’re a budding enterprise in King of Prussia aiming to leave a mark or a cornerstone business in Mount Lebanon looking to amplify efficiency, our Xerox assortment has got you covered.

Xerox Copiers
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Kyocera’s unmatched ECOSYS technology is redefining standards in the office equipment sector. From cities like Hazleton, Hermitage, to Johnstown, the “Economy” facet of Kyocera ensures optimized operational expenses, while “Ecology” underscores Kyocera’s dedication to green initiatives. At 1-800 Office Solutions, we spotlight Kyocera’s contemporary range, guaranteeing that businesses in King of Prussia and Lancaster excel in their operations.


In Pennsylvania’s bustling hubs like King of Prussia and Lancaster, organizations demand more than mere equipment; they seek holistic solutions. Kyocera, with its visionary stance, consistently meets these expectations. Their printers and copiers aren’t just devices but pathways to streamlined workflows. The ECOSYS technology, Kyocera’s signature, stands as a beacon of their commitment to progress. It harmonizes efficiency with eco-consciousness, ensuring that enterprises in Levittown, McKeesport, and Monroeville not only economize but also champion environmental responsibility. Collaborating with 1-800 Office Solutions signifies access to Kyocera’s best, coupled with an unwavering dedication to service excellence, positioning your enterprise at the zenith of efficiency.

Kyocera Copier
Kyocera Copiers & Laser Printers


Ricoh, a brand echoing excellence and innovation, has consistently been the top pick for businesses across the Keystone State. From the dynamic business zones of Mount Lebanon to the lively streets of New Castle and the evolving centers of Norristown, Ricoh’s influence is evident. Their machines are lauded not solely for their stellar performance but also for their adaptability to Pennsylvania’s multifaceted business landscape.


At 1-800 Office Solutions, our goal is to bridge the gap between you and this global technology. Our handpicked assortment of Ricoh devices spans a spectrum of business needs. Whether you’re a nascent venture in Penn Hills eyeing cost-efficient options or a large-scale entity in Plum seeking cutting-edge print solutions, we have a Ricoh model tailored to your specifications.

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HP, a name that resonates with innovation and trustworthiness, is setting new benchmarks for business printing across Pennsylvania. From the historic charm of Williamsport to the bustling hubs of Wilkinsburg, HP’s progressive printing solutions are the backbone of streamlined operations. Their dedication to forefront technology ensures that businesses are not only equipped with contemporary tools but are also prepared for future challenges.


At 1-800 Office Solutions, we take pride in making this revolutionary technology accessible to you. Our handpicked HP lineup is crafted to meet the multifaceted demands of Pennsylvania’s enterprises. Whether you’re a design studio in York desiring vivid color outputs, a corporate entity in Upper Darby emphasizing speed and precision, or a budding venture in West Mifflin seeking budget-friendly options, our HP assortment has a solution tailored for you.


Beyond mere machinery, HP offers a comprehensive support ecosystem, ensuring businesses can reach their zenith with minimal hitches. Coupled with the proficiency and dedication of 1-800 Office Solutions, Pennsylvania enterprises can confidently embrace the future, assured that their printing requisites are expertly handled.

HP Copiers
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From the cultural richness of State College to the thriving sectors of Radnor, businesses are on a perpetual quest to distinguish themselves and engage their clientele. One of the most potent strategies to realize this is through majestic visuals that not only communicate a narrative but also etch a lasting impression.

Step into the domain of large format printers, where dimensions and quality amalgamate to produce visuals that command attention. Be it promotional banners in the lively streets of Scranton, architectural drafts in Reading, or artistic showcases in the vibrant heart of Pottstown, large format printers deliver the accuracy and vibrancy that modern businesses necessitate.


At 1-800 Office Solutions, we recognize the distinct demands of Pennsylvania’s eclectic business landscape. Our selected range of large-format printers is conceptualized to address these diverse needs, ensuring every output is not merely expansive, but also striking and impactful. With our expertise and the avant-garde technology of our devices, businesses can boldly navigate the expansive realm of large-scale printing, equipped with the tools to create a profound impact.

Large Format Printers
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The right office equipment can be a game-changer for efficiency and success. From the vibrant heart of Bethlehem to the scenic landscapes of Lancaster, 1-800 Office Solutions emerges as a hallmark of excellence in copier sales. Our unwavering dedication to quality and client satisfaction has positioned us as the preferred choice for numerous businesses across Pennsylvania.


Whether you’re in Allentown, mulling over a copier lease to elevate your operations, or in Erie, weighing the benefits of an office printer lease to boost your workflow, we’re here for you. Our strong ties with the industry’s leading copier leasing companies grant us a distinct advantage, ensuring our clientele always secures unmatched deals and conditions.


But our service transcends mere equipment provision. It’s about grasping the distinct requirements of each Pennsylvania enterprise and proffering bespoke solutions. Our seasoned team stands ready to assist, ensuring that whether you’re purchasing or leasing, your decision is well-informed and advantageous for your business. With 1-800 Office Solutions, you’re not merely acquiring a copier or printer; you’re entering a partnership rooted in your success.

Bentonville Copier Lease


Flexible Printer Rental Services

Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of office must-haves, from vibrant color copy machines that reproduce every nuance to cutting-edge laser printers that guarantee precision with every print. Each equipment piece is judiciously selected, upholding the elevated standards that Pennsylvania’s businesses merit.


However, our true distinction lies in our pledge to affordability without skimping on excellence. We’re firm believers that every enterprise, be it a nascent startup in Media or a flourishing conglomerate in Harrisburg, should have the privilege of top-tier equipment. Our competitive pricing strategy actualizes this vision, making elite equipment attainable for all.


With 1-800 Office Solutions, Pennsylvania businesses aren’t merely procuring or leasing equipment; they’re endorsing a commitment to quality, dependability, and unparalleled client service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy or lease a printer?

Buying a printer can be beneficial as it is almost always less expensive in the long run to purchase a printer or copier than it is to lease one. A printer is a depreciating asset, but you can recoup some of your investment as a used printer can be sold if it's no longer needed - a leased printer cannot be sold.

How much is a copier lease?

Copier leases regularly cost between $100 and $900 per month and low-volume copy machines can be leased for a little as $65/month. Used office copiers cost an average of $4,000 to buy.

What is a copier lease?

Copiers leasing is a service for businesses and individuals who are hoping to obtain a copier lease or replace their current copier lease.

Is it better to lease or buy office equipment?

Generally speaking, leasing any given piece of equipment is more expensive than buying it outright. Despite this cost difference, there are many good reasons to lease, including the upfront cost of purchasing office equipment. Unlike a purchase loan, an operating lease agreement may require little or no down payment, conserving cash.

How much does a copier cost?

$13,000 is the average cost for a new copier capable of printing up to 55 ppm. This can rise to $35,100 for heavy-volume copiers with large workloads. Copier leases can cost between $195 to $920 a month. Used office copiers cost an average of $5,800.

How do printer leases work?

With Printer Leasing there is a contract between a finance company and the customer. This gives the customer the right to use the equipment over the period of the rental.

What Commercial Copier Price Factors In?

You know what commercial copiers are, but do you have a rough idea of how much they cost? We’re going to break them down into 3 categories: economic copy machines for small offices or home use, mid-tier models that will work well in larger environments, and high-end models which may be best suited for businesses with more needs.

How do I Lease An Office Copier in my area?

In your county area, many businesses opt for copier leasing due to the high efficiency of toner usage. Multi-function copiers offer higher yields on every print compared to Brother or HP printers, resulting in lower ink and toner costs and increased capabilities. In fact, if you print more than 1,000 prints per month on an inkjet printer, you may already be paying more than what a full multi-function copier can offer. Additionally, full-size or commercial photocopiers can scan an average of one page per second, making them much faster than smaller desktop models.

So how do you ensure you get the best deal on a copier?

Price comparisons are especially important for office copiers because there are so many extra features and functions that can drive up the cost. A simple black-and-white copier may only cost a few hundred dollars, but a color copier with scanning and faxing capabilities could easily run into the thousands. It's important to know what features you need and want in a copier before you start shopping, so you can narrow down your options and find the best price. When shopping for a new copier, one thing to remember is how often you plan on using it. If you don’t require a lot of speed from your machine, then there’s no need to invest in one that’s very fast.

What issues are commonly encountered with copier leasing companies?

Challenges often involve service delays, lackluster customer support, and concealed fees in leasing contracts.

How does copy machine leasing compare to buying?

Purchasing grants you ownership, while leasing offers adaptability, all-inclusive maintenance perks, and zero hefty initial costs.

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