Virtual Desktops for Security

1800 Office SOlutions Team member - Elie Vigile
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Virtual desktops have become increasingly popular with businesses over the past two years for security reasons. Now you can have your desktop accessible at anytime and anywhere with a login and password, you can save your files from anywhere, and your files are securely backed up with no threat to your information if your laptop or device is stolen.

Once you log in, your personalized desktop loads with all your programs and files. Your photos, files, programs and even personalized desktop loads. Being able to access your programs and files from any location saves money and time; when you save your files it saves to a remote server.

Top features businesses love about virtual desktops:

• To access your virtual desk top you will need access to the Internet, most devices like iPad’s ad laptops can pull up your desktop.
• Any program can be opened through the virtual desktop even if its not loaded on the device you are using.
• You can share access to desktops with multiple users. Users can be added and deleted at anytime.
• Your data is automatically backed up on a remote server. If your device is stolen your information and files are not at risk. If a device is not functioning properly you can pull up your desk top on another device, not time wasted because one device is malfunctioning.
• The desktop runs just like Windows 7, its easy and universal to use.

These virtual desktops are a popular option for businesses because files and information is secure, disaster ready, low maintenance, alternative to purchasing laptops and allows access to multiple users.

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