Ways To Save Money On Ink

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Ways To Save Money On Ink

Printer ink is a precious commodity, so it makes sense to use it sparingly. New printer ink and toner cartridges are expensive. And if you have to print often for your business, replacing them becomes a frequent expenditure. However, there are several things you can do to minimize the cost of ink or toner. 

1: Use Your Printer’s Economy Setting

Every time you print out a draft or test page, you use the same amount of ink as the final product. Using your printer’s “Economy Mode” is ideal if you don’t need earlier rounds to look exactly like the final. Economy mode uses less ink/toner, so your printed document will be slightly lighter than the user. To do this, select the Preference Settings option in the print dialogue box. Look for the Economy Mode setting (also known as Draft Mode, Toner Saver, Fast Mode), and select it accordingly.

2. Use third-party inks

Choosing inkjet refills carefully won’t make the cartridges last longer, but you will get more for your money. Inkjet cartridges are at their most expensive when you buy refills from the same manufacturer who made your printer – the ‘original equipment manufacturer’ or OEM. Buying cartridges from a third party, or ‘non-OEM’ supplier, is considerably cheaper.

3. Use a different font

Believe it or not, some fonts use up much more ink than others and while significant savings only occur when printing thousands of pages, you can still benefit from a switch. It’s reckoned that Times New Roman and Garamond use the least amount of ink, while chunky fonts like Comic Sans and Verdana use the most.

4. Don’t print at all

If you’re just printing something to make a permanent record of it, why print it on paper at all? Instead, print the document as a PDF file to retain all content and formatting, and save it on your hard drive. You can always print the PDF to paper later if you need to — or email it to someone to save on postage costs.

5. Print to PDF

You can save a lot of paper by simply not using it. Anytime there isn’t an urgent need to print a document, save it into PDF form and create a filing system right on your computer’s hard drive. This way, you’re able to email it to the proper recipient or save it for easy access.

6. Make Sure Your Printer Fits Your Needs

When purchasing a printer, keep in mind how you’ll be using it. If you need a high quality print only every so often, you may want to invest in an inkjet printer. A laser printer might be your best choice if you’re printing frequently.

7.Print Double-Sided or Two Pages to a Sheet

Granted, you can’t do this with our label sheets, but printing this way will cut down on paper. What would normally take you two pages will now take you one. The document will print page one on the front and page two on the back. You’ll have the option in your print dialog box on how you want the printer to align the second page – if you want the axis to be on the top or side. The traditional option is on the left.

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