What Are Document Solutions and Do You Need Them?

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Your organization might manage many documents. If so, feelings of frustration in managing access and security may prove all too common.

Managing documents is a never-ending job. It takes time and dedication. However, electronic document management can make the process far easier.

Often, problems with document management start with basic tools. For instance, resources such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox may become ineffective. When that day arrives, it’s time to look for a more robust solution.

To learn more about document solutions and why you need them, continue reading.

What Are Document Solutions?

A document management system is a repository for all your documents. With the system, you’d digitally store everything that you used to manage as hard copies.

In document management, metadata is everything. Metadata includes information such as the title of a document.

It also includes the file name, its creation date, and description. This critical information enables users to identify and organize content.

There are several benefits of electronic document management systems. For example, they reduce the space needed to store documents.

They also relieve you of much of the administrative burden of filing. Furthermore, electronic document retrieval is faster compared to manual document retrieval.

Just as you can lock a filing cabinet, you can also secure electronic files. However, digital security measures are far more advanced.

There are several different ways you can protect electronic files. For example, you can create access permissions based on job roles.

You can also use file encryption to protect documents. Furthermore, you can protect your management system in a network that only authorized staff members can access.

An electronic document system also eliminates lost files. What’s more, employees can access electronic documents from multiple locations.

As they do, the document system will create an audit trail. This information will tell you exactly who accessed documents and when they did so.

A document management system lets you search for documents by keyword. It also gives you the ability to conduct cross-referenced searches.

Document Management in the Modern Workplace

In the workplace, you most likely manage a mix of paper and digital documents. For example, your company might receive paper invoices from vendors. That invoice is a tangible document that you can respond to and read.

Still, that invoice may have originated from an internal purchase order. The purchase order may live as an electronic document in your accounting system.

Now, you have two documents that are related. One document is a hard copy, and the other is electronic. Somehow, you must link them together for future reference.

Yet, the ways that you store these documents are vastly different. This scenario is a small example of a problem that electronic document management can solve.

However, what if you add other documents to the mix? For example, these two documents may have ties to three other forms.

Now, imagine that a different department generates all five of these documents. Also, imagine that other departments make use of varying hardcopy and electronic records. At this point, you can see how gathering information as needed can prove challenging.

For instance, think about the need to access these documents to troubleshoot an incorrect order.
How would you find all the documents? Also, how would you maintain a system of managing documents for the sum of your customers or clients?

Take the Frustration Out of Document Management

A document management system enables you to scan hardcopy paperwork. You can then store the record in a centralized system.

Alternatively, you can store the record locally and add a reference to the document in a centralized database. Either way, a document management system gives you the power to tie important and relevant documents together.

As an example, you can index documents by purchase order number, department or vendor. Alternatively, you can create references to documents in any fashion that makes sense for your enterprise.

With a manual filing system, however, you’re limited in how you can index documents. For example, you can index documents alphabetically by customer.

Alternatively, you might index documents by ZIP Code. However, you can only choose one method or the other.

An electronic document management system overcomes this limitation. It gives you the ability to retrieve documents based on a range of criteria.

Furthermore, it allows you to retrieve documents using multiple criteria. As an example, you could search for a granular piece of information within a list of customers within a specific ZIP Code.

Electronic document systems eliminate lost documents. Often, companies that use electronic document systems maintain a centralized repository. More importantly, however, they can make backups of that repository.

A document management system also saves time. Employees no longer have to find a file cabinet and then search for a file. With a document management system, staff members can search for files from their desks.

Document Management Equipment

A document management system enables you to capture information from many sources. It also helps you to extract important information quickly. Furthermore, you can use a document management system to route information appropriately.

You can also use a document management system to control your printer network. This kind of solution can increase the life cycle of your copiers and printers.

A document management system makes it easier for you to distribute information. It can also help you to improve your workflow.

Complete document solutions might include a range of equipment. For example, your organization may use:

Laser printers
• Multifunction copiers
• Projectors
• Wide-format printers
• Other office equipment

Nevertheless, document management helps you to extract the most value from your information. What’s more, the right supplier can help you to source and maintain the most effective office equipment. That equipment can enable you to deploy a successful document management framework.

Documents Solutions Can Unburden Your Organization

Document solutions for businesses provide welcome relief to organizations. The freedom to focus on other mission-driven tasks is a top benefit of the innovation. Staff members find this freedom through increased control.

Extended searching for hardcopy documents and manual faxing are painstaking, time-consuming tasks. A document management system can make manually handling forms and documents virtually nonexistent.

Most staff members don’t realize the powerful benefits of electronic document management. However, they’re typically amazed once they use one.

After using an electronic document system, they typically have an epiphany. They realize that shuffling paper is the last frontier of manual labor left in office work.

Society has created most of the world’s information in the last three years. A great deal of that information is digital.

Copying and storing documents are only the first steps in creating an electronic document management system. You also need a document management system that enables you to automate the handling of records. Without it, you’ll find it nearly impossible to retrieve documents effectively.

A business document management system can help you keep your information secure. It can also help you to extract the most value from your company’s vast knowledge base.

Overcoming Challenges With Document Management

For countless years, companies have used filing cabinets to store captured information. Now, the cost of manual paperwork is unjustly cost-prohibitive. Furthermore, manual paper storage increases the chances of human error and physical damage to a document.

With a manual filing system, it takes longer for employees to find needed documents. It also takes up more space. Today, however, a warehouse full of papers and filing cabinets is no longer viable in today’s fast-paced workplace.

Document management started in the eighties with the emergence of scanning. Since then, the world’s offices have not fully eliminated paper. However, many enterprises are taking advantage of advanced business document management tools.

Document management tools optimize workflow. They also improve data accessibility.

Furthermore, document management systems streamline file searches. More importantly, it reduces the costs related to managing documents.

In an age where corporate governance is a top concern, document management helps organizations maintain a tighter grasp on information security. At the same time, it improves collaboration by facilitating data sharing.

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