Document Management System

Increase Productivity With Document Management Systems


Everyone has experienced the frustration of looking for critical documents you KNOW were sent to you but never appear regardless of how many searches you try.

Document management System, sometimes referred to as enterprise content management, defines the processes and procedures your organization uses as it pertains to capturing, storing, securing, retrieving, and sharing important documents.

For many organizations, these processes and procedures can be streamlined with the use of document management software.

Eliminate the endless search for the documents you need to make decisions or complete tasks. Eliminate the endless email strings of attachment after attachment.

Eliminate the problem of papers lost on someone’s desk, misfiled in a cabinet, or floating between multiple employees with different versions of data.


Effective Document Management System

1-800 Office Solutions helps companies implement file management and effective document management system to streamline processes and realize immediate benefits:

  • Improve employee productivity with instant access to content
  • Automate forms and applications online
  • Eliminate the cost of printing, shipping, and storing paper-based systems
  • Integrate with mission-critical business applications
  • Real-time visibility and analytics into requests, transactions, and orders

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best document management systems?

There are a variety of different document management systems. One of the most well-known and utilized of these systems is Office 365. Although, there are other systems such as the Google Suite that other companies choose to utilize.

How do you build a document management system?

Usually, a company will pay for the service that they would like to use to manage the shared documents within the company. This will allow the various employees within that company to access and store documents essential to the company’s operations.

Which is the example of file sharing and document management systems?

Any program which allows a company to store multiple documents to a shared point of access is a document management system.

How do companies manage documents?

Each company functions uniquely in the way that they choose to store, manage, and share documents within the company. Most companies choose to purchase a document management system that makes the collaboration and access of shared documents much more unified and streamlined.

What are the 5 basic filing systems?

  • Creation
  • Usage
  • Maintenance
  • Retention
  • Preservation
  • How do I manage documents in office?

    Each company should come up with a unique and organized method for managing and storing documents within the Office suite of products.

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