Top Printer Repair Services

Some companies are thinking of when they need to hire a professional or take a DIY initiate. The decision is completely based on the type of issues a company face

Printer Repair Services

Some companies in need of printer repair consider whether they need to hire a professional or take a DIY initiative. The decision is completely based on the type of issues a company is facing.

A printer is an essential component in your office setup. When it starts malfunctioning, it’s hard to control the impulse to repair it yourself or to let an employee have a go at it. This begs the question: When to contact a professional repair service? Probably before Dan from IT does more damage to it.

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Common Errors

connection error

Connection Errors

printing taking more time

Slow Printing

printer paper jam

Paper Jams

low print quality

Low Print Quality

Despite numerous efforts to move to paperless systems, the printer is still an essential component in your office setup. When it starts malfunctioning, it’s hard to control the impulse to repair it yourself or to let an employee have a go at it. This begs the question: when is it the right time to contact a professional repair service? Probably before Dan from IT does more damage to it!

Don’t misunderstand, we love our IT department colleagues, but printers are one step removed from what an IT department specializes in. There are indeed IT aspects, but printers are a combination of high technology and mechanics, and while the IT team is capable of wielding a soldering iron, they may not be so keen on disassembling a printer to free a deeply hidden paper jam. Of course, the real issue may arise when they’re trying to put the printer back together again…


Common Printer Errors

  • Connection Errors
  • Slow Printing
  • Paper Jams
  • Low Print Quality

printer paper jam


What are connection errors?

When you send a job to the printer and the printer cannot be found or does not respond, the chances are that you are experiencing a connection error. If you are facing an error such as failure in establishing a connection between the printer and the network, hiring one of our professionals will have your equipment up and running in no time.

Of course, connection errors don’t always need a professional to step in and assist. First of all, check the power supply and that the printer is turned on – if it isn’t, it won’t print. Next, make sure to perform the following steps (or ask Dan from IT to take a look) before giving a technician a call:

  • If it’s a wired connection, check the cable and physical connection between the equipment
  • Check the printer set up or driver in the network or system
  • If it’s a wireless connection, check the wireless connection drivers

If you’re still facing issues after inspecting all these things and do not find out a way to resolve them, call the professionals – don’t let Dan take it any further. You can spend your time changing multiple settings within the drivers to no great benefit, and once the printer is up and running again, you’ll probably need to change all the settings back to the way they were. You can switch cables and press buttons, but in the end, unless you are a trained printer technician your efforts will likely be in vain.

We will get your equipment repaired in no time, bringing your printer back online just when you need it. Downtime and a lack of printer maintenance will negatively affect your business efficiency, so let us help to get you printing again without stress, hassle, or inconvenience.

Slow Printing?

How often do you print something? And how long do you have to wait for the result to be seen on paper? Printers are meant to improve the efficiency and workflow of your company by producing the physical documents you need quickly and easily. When the printer efficiency drops, so does the efficiency of your business – if several people are waiting for the printer to respond, it is effectively a break in the middle of work. This can lead to serious disruption of productivity – your employees do not just have to wait for the printer, they will also become distracted and may take some time to get back into the flow again. We are here to fix these issues so that your printers can regain their original speed and functionality and your team can work efficiently.

Slow printing can be caused by multiple issues, from cabling to network configuration, out of date drivers to old firmware, or even the wrong printer driver for the specific model of printer you are using. We will save you the hassle of hunting down the issue and give you a solution that simply works.

Paper Jams?

Using the wrong type of paper, the wrong size, or the wrong thickness can lead to paper jams. However, paper jams can occur “just because” – a paper misfeed or even a crease in the paper can cause it to get jammed within the printer mechanism.

Getting constant paper jams is another issue many copier users experience at some point. Because it is such a common occurrence, the usual response is to try to solve the problem by finding the paper and pulling it out. Unfortunately, that is not always the best solution. Printer mechanisms are often not simple affairs and can appear to the uninitiated to be as complex as the workings of a combustion engine or a clock.

Just pulling the paper jam to try to fix it can sprain multiple parts of the mechanism, strip gears, and cause other damage if internal components are accidentally forced to move in the wrong direction.

What seemed like a simple task suddenly incapacitates the printer and requires professional printer repair services to put right – it would have been cheaper, faster, and easier to have the professionals remove the jam in the first instance.

When paper jams start to become a regular problem, it is always best to get the assistance of a professional instead of trying to force the paper to come out and risk damaging the machine. To prevent further issues, maintenance and repair may be required to keep the paper flowing freely through the printer in the future, which is something that we specialize in. We want the best for your business and your printer.

Low Print Quality?

Sometimes documents are printed as quick reference tools and the quality is unimportant, but the majority of print jobs need to be clear, legible and printed in the correct colors. The quality of the printing output is determined by multiple elements that vary depending on the type of printer being used. Sometimes, when the printer needs maintenance it leads to spots, marks, or lines on the printing results. This causes the overall quality of the output to deteriorate and reduces the readability of your work.

Our team of printer repair professionals can resolve low quality print output. Regular maintenance of your printers and copiers maintains high-quality printing and can extend the lifespan of your printer, increasing the ROI for every printer you own.

What is Printer Maintenance?

Think of printer maintenance as a service that keeps your printer working exactly how it should work. You may not have noticed a severe drop in print quality, and you may not experience regular paper jams, and that is great. Printer maintenance keeps it that way.

With regular use, parts of your printer will slowly wear out. Rollers will become smooth and not move the paper so easily, the ink may dry up, the toner may run out, and waste boxes fill up, all of which gradually builds into a problem waiting to happen.

Taking care of these issues before they cause a breakdown will mean that your printer keeps on working, your team keeps on working, and your business does not have to stop when the printer does. Preventative maintenance is a lower-cost solution to keeping your printer running compared to repairing a broken or damaged printer but do not worry. In even the worst case, we will do what we can to get your printer working, giving you the chance to finish that important document and getting in your hands.

Hiring Printer Technicians


Printer Problems? 1-800 Office Solutions has the Solution…

While they may appear simple from the outside, printers are complex pieces of technology that require experts to maintain and repair. There is no room for shortcuts, and quality repairs will always enhance the usability and result of your printer.

We work with all makes and models of printers to keep our customers satisfied, and we are always open, honest, and transparent about our pricing. If your printer ever becomes uneconomical to repair, we will let you know, and we will always find the most cost-effective solution for you.

Whether it is a physical issue with your printer, a cabling or networking issue, or anything else that stops you from printing or cause problems every time you try to use the printer, we want to help you.

You can prevent all of these common printer issues by keeping your equipment up to date and well-maintained. Regular maintenance is the best option for every printer and every business.

Give us a call and see how one of our printer repair professionals can help. Making that call now can even help prevent problems from occurring in the future, so do not wait

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