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Lock in the finest deals on copier sales, leasing, and rentals in New Haven.


Experience uninterrupted printing without worrying about running out of ink or toner.


Our team guarantees swift installations, ensuring you're up and running in no time.


Print, fax, or scan—our equipment guarantees optimal performance.


Whether you're printing, faxing, or scanning, our equipment ensures peak performance.



Share Your Needs

Share your requirements with us, whether you're in New Haven, Bristol, or Milford.


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Choose a convenient time for the delivery of your new equipment in New Haven, Greenwich, or Meriden.


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We will seamlessly integrate your new equipment in Stamford, Milford, or New Haven.

New Haven Copier Lease for Offices

Exploring the world of color copiers might seem daunting, but fear not! Whether you’re in New Haven, Stamford, or Southbury, 1-800 Office Solutions simplifies the process. We proudly feature top brands like Canon, Ricoh, Toshiba, and more.

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Managing Print Services (MPS)

At 1-800 Office Solutions, we recognize the importance of ensuring businesses have streamlined and efficient printing operations. Our Managed Print Services (MPS) are crafted to enable you to focus on your primary responsibilities while we take care of the intricacies of print management.



Efficient printing operations are essential for businesses in New Haven, Danbury, and Milford. With our MPS, you can direct your attention to core activities, confident that the complexities of print management are expertly handled by us.

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Why Choose 1-800 office Solutions?

Three Decades of Excellence in Office Solutions

For over 32 years, 1-800 Office Solutions has been a leading force in elevating business operations across Connecticut. From Milford to Stamford, we recognize the pivotal role that cutting-edge equipment plays in nurturing success. Our commitment extends beyond mere equipment supply; it’s about understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored solutions.



Our dedicated team of professionals is devoted to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring you secure the ideal copier for your operations. Whether it’s the initial consultation in New Haven or the seamless setup in Norwalk, we stand by your side at every step.



We are more than just a provider; we are your partner in enhancing productivity. Our commercial copier leases, favored in cities like Danbury and Bristol, often include unlimited print options, allowing you to operate without limitations. Combined with our complimentary installation services, we ensure your transition is smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.

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Maria - Davie

Finding a trustworthy and affordable copier leasing service in Bridgeport was a breeze with 1-800 Office Solutions! Their knowledgeable team ensured a smooth installation and provided exceptional customer service.

Kyle - Deltona

We recently enhanced our office equipment in Stamford, and the quality from 1-800 Office Solutions has been outstanding. I highly recommend their services!

Keagan - Orlando

Absolutely one of the best choices we've made for our Hartford office! Their equipment is top of the line, and the customer service is just unbeatable. Our workflow has never been smoother, and let me tell you, the unlimited print option is a total lifesaver for our big printing jobs. Can't recommend them enough!

Michael - Miami

We recently upgraded our office equipment in New Haven with 1-800 Office Solutions. They didn’t just give us a competitive deal, but also ensured the installation was smooth, and their support team has been super responsive. It’s clear they put customer satisfaction first. Big thanks to the team!


In cities like New Haven, Greenwich, and Danbury, the efficiency of daily operations often relies heavily on the dependability of copiers and printers. When these crucial tools fail, it can disrupt workflow and productivity across the entire state. Our devoted Copier and Printer Repair Services, extending from Waterbury to Stamford and New Britain, are committed to ensuring minimal downtime for your business.


With a team of skilled technicians, armed with the latest tools and knowledge, we quickly identify and resolve issues. Whether you’re in Stamford, Norwalk, or New Haven, you can rely on us to keep your printers and copiers in peak condition, ensuring steady performance and durability.

Is you printer waste cartridge full? Learn how to safely empty it


In various cities like New Haven, Milford, and Bristol, the efficiency of daily operations often relies heavily on the dependability of copiers and printers. When these crucial tools fail, it can disrupt workflow and productivity across the entire state. Our dedicated Copier and Printer Repair Services, extending from New London to Danbury and Greenwich, are committed to ensuring minimal downtime for your business.



With a team of skilled technicians, armed with the latest tools and knowledge, we promptly identify and resolve issues. Whether you’re in Danbury, New Britain, or Naugatuck, you can rely on us to keep your printers and copiers in peak condition, ensuring steady performance and durability.

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Kyocera’s unparalleled ECOSYS technology establishes a new standard in the office equipment industry. Whether you’re in Stamford, New Haven, or Meriden, the “Economy” aspect ensures trimmed operational costs, while “Ecology” reflects Kyocera’s commitment to environmental sustainability. At 1-800 Office Solutions, we showcase Kyocera’s latest offerings, ensuring businesses in Norwalk and Waterbury achieve operational excellence.



In dynamic Connecticut cities like Norwalk and New London, companies seek more than just equipment; they seek solutions. Kyocera, with its forward-thinking approach, has consistently delivered on this front. Their printers and copiers are not just tools but gateways to streamlined operations. The ECOSYS technology, a hallmark of Kyocera, is a testament to their dedication to innovation. It’s a blend of efficiency and responsibility, ensuring businesses in Danbury, Bridgeport, and Meriden not only save on operational costs but also contribute positively to the environment. Partnering with 1-800 Office Solutions means you’re not only getting the best of Kyocera’s offerings but also a commitment to service excellence, ensuring that your business is always at the forefront of productivity.

Kyocera Copier
Kyocera Copiers & Laser Printers


Ricoh, a brand synonymous with excellence and innovation, has long been the preferred choice for businesses across the Constitution State. From the coastal enterprises of Milford to the thriving businesses of Monroe and the vibrant cityscape of New Haven, Ricoh’s presence is undeniable. Their devices are renowned not just for their premier performance but also for their versatility to meet the varied needs of Connecticut’s businesses.



At 1-800 Office Solutions, our goal is to make this top-notch technology more accessible to you. Our carefully selected assortment of Ricoh devices is extensive, meeting a spectrum of business needs. Whether you’re a startup in Danbury seeking cost-effective solutions or a corporate powerhouse in Norwalk pursuing the latest in printing technology, we have a Ricoh device meticulously tailored for you.

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HP, a brand renowned for innovation and dependability, continues to set new standards for business printing across Connecticut. From the coastal enterprises of Milford to the thriving businesses of Monroe and the dynamic cityscape of New Haven, HP’s sophisticated printing solutions form the cornerstone of proficient operations. Their dedication to state-of-the-art technology ensures that businesses are always equipped with tools that are not only contemporary but also prepared for the future.



At 1-800 Office Solutions, we take pride in delivering this revolutionary technology to your premises. Our carefully curated HP collection is structured to accommodate the varied needs of Connecticut’s businesses. Whether you’re a creative agency in Meriden desiring vivid color prints, a corporate office in Naugatuck valuing speed and efficiency, or a startup in Meriden in search of economical solutions, our HP assortment has something specifically tailored for you.



Beyond mere equipment, HP offers a support ecosystem, ensuring that businesses can realize their maximum potential with minimal disturbances. Combined with the knowledge and dedication of 1-800 Office Solutions, Connecticut businesses can assuredly advance into the future, secure in the knowledge that their printing needs are being met by the best in the business.

HP Copiers
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Large Format Printers

Achieving this goal is most effectively done through impactful large-scale visuals that not only convey a message but also leave a lasting impression on the observer.

Welcome to the realm of large format printers, where dimension and quality converge to produce visuals that are impossible to overlook. Whether it’s for promotional banners in bustling Stamford, architectural blueprints in New London, or artistic displays in the cultural hubs of New Haven, large format printers provide the precision and vibrancy that businesses seek.



At 1-800 Office Solutions, we understand the distinctive needs of Connecticut’s diverse businesses. Our carefully chosen assortment of large-format printers is designed to meet these varied demands, ensuring that every print is not only expansive but also bold and striking. With our expertise and the cutting-edge technology of our printers, businesses can confidently enter the realm of large-scale printing, knowing they have the tools to make a profound impact.

Large Format Printers
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The appropriate office equipment can be the gateway to efficiency and prosperity. From the vibrant centers of New Haven to the most remote areas of the state, 1-800 Office Solutions emerges as a symbol of excellence in copier sales. Our dedication to quality and customer contentment has established us as the preferred choice for numerous businesses.



If you’re in New Britain, pondering a copier lease to refine your operations, or maybe in Hartford, thinking about an office printer lease to improve your workflow, we have you covered. Our strong connections with the industry’s leading copier leasing companies afford us an advantage, ensuring that our clients consistently receive unmatched deals and conditions.



However, it’s not solely about supplying equipment. It’s about recognizing the individual needs of each Connecticut business and proposing customized solutions. Our team of specialists is always available to assist you, ensuring that whether you’re purchasing or leasing, you’re making a knowledgeable decision that is advantageous to your business. With 1-800 Office Solutions, you’re not just acquiring a copier or printer; you’re investing in a partnership committed to your success.

Bentonville Copier Lease


Flexible Printer Rental Services


Our diverse collection encompasses a broad spectrum of office essentials, ranging from high-resolution color copy machines that capture every detail to state-of-the-art laser printers that deliver crisp and clear documents every time. Each piece of equipment is meticulously chosen to ensure it meets the high standards that businesses in New Haven, Bridgeport, and Danbury deserve.



But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to affordability without compromising on quality. We firmly believe that every business, whether a budding startup in Meriden or an established enterprise in Stamford, should have access to the best equipment. Our competitive pricing model ensures this, making top-grade equipment accessible to all.



With 1-800 Office Solutions, Connecticut businesses are not just purchasing or renting equipment; they’re investing in a promise of quality, reliability, and unmatched customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy or lease a printer?

Buying a printer can be beneficial as it is almost always less expensive in the long run to purchase a printer or copier than it is to lease one. A printer is a depreciating asset, but you can recoup some of your investment as a used printer can be sold if it's no longer needed - a leased printer cannot be sold.

How much is a copier lease?

Copier leases regularly cost between $100 and $900 per month and low-volume copy machines can be leased for a little as $65/month. Used office copiers cost an average of $4,000 to buy.

What is a copier lease?

Copiers leasing is a service for businesses and individuals who are hoping to obtain a copier lease or replace their current copier lease.

Is it better to lease or buy office equipment?

Generally speaking, leasing any given piece of equipment is more expensive than buying it outright. Despite this cost difference, there are many good reasons to lease, including the upfront cost of purchasing office equipment. Unlike a purchase loan, an operating lease agreement may require little or no down payment, conserving cash.

How much does a copier cost?

$13,000 is the average cost for a new copier capable of printing up to 55 ppm. This can rise to $35,100 for heavy-volume copiers with large workloads. Copier leases can cost between $195 to $920 a month. Used office copiers cost an average of $5,800.

How do printer leases work?

With Printer Leasing there is a contract between a finance company and the customer. This gives the customer the right to use the equipment over the period of the rental.

What Commercial Copier Price Factors In?

You know what commercial copiers are, but do you have a rough idea of how much they cost? We’re going to break them down into 3 categories: economic copy machines for small offices or home use, mid-tier models that will work well in larger environments, and high-end models which may be best suited for businesses with more needs.

How do I Lease An Office Copier in my area?

In your county area, many businesses opt for copier leasing due to the high efficiency of toner usage. Multi-function copiers offer higher yields on every print compared to Brother or HP printers, resulting in lower ink and toner costs and increased capabilities. In fact, if you print more than 1,000 prints per month on an inkjet printer, you may already be paying more than what a full multi-function copier can offer. Additionally, full-size or commercial photocopiers can scan an average of one page per second, making them much faster than smaller desktop models.

So how do you ensure you get the best deal on a copier?

Price comparisons are especially important for office copiers because there are so many extra features and functions that can drive up the cost. A simple black-and-white copier may only cost a few hundred dollars, but a color copier with scanning and faxing capabilities could easily run into the thousands. It's important to know what features you need and want in a copier before you start shopping, so you can narrow down your options and find the best price. When shopping for a new copier, one thing to remember is how often you plan on using it. If you don’t require a lot of speed from your machine, then there’s no need to invest in one that’s very fast.

What issues are commonly encountered with copier leasing companies?

Challenges often involve service delays, lackluster customer support, and concealed fees in leasing contracts.

How does copy machine leasing compare to buying?

Purchasing grants you ownership, while leasing offers adaptability, all-inclusive maintenance perks, and zero hefty initial costs.

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