Computer Forensics

Our Certified Computer Forensics Experts Find the Answers When Data Has Been Breached

Our Certified Computer Forensics Experts

With 1-800 Office Solutions’s Computer Forensics services we can quickly respond to IT security incidents before they significantly impact your business. If an incident occurs, it’s vital to determine the full extent of the breach and move quickly to contain the threat and minimize its impact.

Highly trained security experts are needed to accomplish these thorough investigations.

1-800 Office Solutions’s certified forensic experts have the training and know-how to get to the bottom of these threats using in-depth digital forensic and computer forensic investigations.

We can provide greater clarity regarding what happened when it happened, who was involved, and what data was accessed or transferred. Once threats have been identified and analyzed we’ll be able to help protect you from being infected by them in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What computer forensics do?

Computer forensics is a science that allows information to be extracted from a computer. This information is analyzed and can usually be extracted even after a user has tried to remove the information from the computer.

What is a computer forensics degree?

A computer forensics degree is a degree from a college or university. Usually falling under a criminal justice department, the degree prepares a student for a career in the field of computer or digital forensics.

Malware/Virus Forensics and Analysis

Malware and virus incidents, should a breach or attack succeed and be detected, require immediate response and attention to identify their root cause and prevent similar occurrences.

What are the four elements of computer forensics?

The four most important elements of computer forensics are: preparation and extraction, identification, and analysis.

What is the difference between computer forensics and digital forensics?

Speaking in extremely technical terms, computer forensics is an analysis and investigation into a computer. On the other hand, digital forensics encompasses investigations into computers, but also into other digital devices. These devices include but are not limited to: cameras, flash drives, external hard drives, and cell phones.

How do I get into digital forensics?

You do not necessarily need to obtain a degree in digital forensics, although it is a good idea. However, you can begin a career in digital forensics by gaining experience in the field, or you can choose to earn a degree before applying for jobs. You will also need a license to practice in this field.

What can you do with a computer forensics certificate?

If you complete a course and obtain a certificate in computer forensics, then there are a number of different jobs you can obtain. You can work in the field of computer forensics, but you could also work in IT security, or even in the field of consulting on security for various business issues if you like.

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