PC and Mac Support

Don’t Wait Until Problems Occur, Take a Proactive Approach to Computer Support

1-800 Office Solutions has the capability of providing IT support for the blended Mac Computers/Windows workspace. With both PC and Mac support specialists, we are able to manage your systems via on-site or remote support, no matter which workspace you use.

Our PC and Mac Support Services

  • Desktop Security & Performance Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus & Software Security Patch Alerts
  • Microsoft Operating System Patch Management
  • Service Desk and Network & VPN  Access Administration
  • support for PC hardware and standard software
  • Software Installation & Security Updates
  • Desktop Policy Enforcement
  • Inventory RAM, hard drive space and programs
  • Track warranties and service agreements
  • External High-Security Penetration Audit & Remediation
  • Network Security & Vulnerability Mitigation Audit & Remediation

The stability and security of your computers are our greatest concerns. We test all patches in-house before sending them to your network.

Rather than allowing an automated system to install a patch intended to prevent a potential problem – and actually causing one – we test everything for you. It’s only after we feel confident it’s safe that we apply it for you.

Help from a real person is always just a phone call away with our 24×7 live tech support.

We can resolve an issue more than 90% of the time by using our secure, Remote Control software, saving you time and money. Of course, should an on-site call be necessary, we’ll be there… in a hurry.

Our emergency team is available 24×7.


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Can you network a Mac and PC together?

Yes, you can network a Mac computer and PC computer together. Doing so will allow the two computers to share files, drivers, and printers between the two computers without any sort of hassle.

Can you connect iMac to Windows laptop?

Yes, you can connect an iMac to a Windows laptop. Usually, this is done for the purpose of using the iMac as a second display screen for the Windows laptop.

Can you remote access Windows computer from Mac?

Yes, you can access a Windows computer from a Mac computer if you have it set up to do so. You will need to use the Remote Control software on your Mac computer which you can find and download through the app store.

How long is a Mac supported?

Typically, Apple will support each MacOS version for around three full calendar years.

Can a MacBook last 10 years?

Whether or not your Macbook will last ten years is actually quite a complicated answer. Each computer is going to have a different life expectancy than another and will largely depend on how it is used during its life. However, research shows that most Macbooks last around 8 years and rarely last ten years before they become too obsolete to function correctly.

Do Macs last longer than PCs?

Although it is difficult to compare a Mac to a PC in terms of longevity, the general consensus is that Macbooks do last longer than a PC. However, they come at a much higher price point and when you are paying for the difference in longevity, then you expect it to last longer.