Vulnerability Management

Turn Your Security Weaknesses Into Strengths

With new vulnerabilities being discovered in networks daily, staying up to date with current vulnerabilities and regularly updating virus protection software is becoming increasingly time-consuming and challenging.

Vulnerability Management

  • Can manage these vulnerabilities for you with solutions that are capable of updating automatically for new threats and scanning periodically based on a predefined schedule.
  • Assess your network
  • Provide several ways to prioritize the weaknesses discovered so that the most important can be addressed first.

By revealing your vulnerabilities, 1-800 Office Solutions’s managed security testing and assessments allow businesses to take a proactive approach to security and allow them to make good risk management decisions and technology investments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vulnerability management process?

Vulnerability management processes seek to understand the areas in which your IT systems are vulnerable to security breaches or attack.

Why do you need vulnerability management?

Managing your vulnerability when it comes to various forms of technology processes is an important way to protect the valuable information that can be gathered from your business.

Who is responsible for vulnerability management?

The person or department who manages your IT solutions is responsible for vulnerability management within the company.

What is the difference between vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management?

Assessment refers to the identification and analysis of the areas of weakness within your IT capabilities that show your vulnerabilities. Management, on the other hand, refers to the routine safety procedures put in place to protect those areas of weakness.

Network Vulnerability Management and Scanning

Your best defense against an attack on your network is to regularly scan it so you can identify weaknesses in your infrastructure and resolve the high-risk vulnerabilities the scan finds.

How do you implement vulnerability management?

Once you have analyzed and identified areas of weakness, you simply implement the plan that has been put in place to protect those weaknesses. You will also need to routinely scan for other areas of weakness that may arise.

How do you perform a vulnerability scan?

You will need software in order to perform a vulnerability scan.