KRACK patch on macOS High Sierra

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Together with a new batch of emojis, the latest macOS update comes with security, stability, and reliability improvements. As usual, Apple recommends that Mac users update to macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra, and with good reason: It includes an essential patch to the recently discovered WiFi security vulnerability, KRACK.

Why you should update now

Foremost on Apple’s list of macOS updates is the addition of 70 new emojis. Although this is exciting to some, the most compelling reason to update to the latest OS is the security patch for the KRACK WiFi security flaw.

For those who are unfamiliar, KRACK or “Key Reinstallation Attack” was discovered in October by researchers who found a serious vulnerability in almost any device that can connect to WiFi (not just Macs). It compromises WPA2, a standard security protocol that protects most WiFi networks, and intercepts data that passes between a wireless device and the router. This exposes private messages, login credentials, and other sensitive data to attackers.

Aside from compromising your data, a successful KRACK attack could also infect your systems with ransomware and other malware. Updating to the latest OS ensures your device gets the latest security patch needed to shield it from KRACK.

Other relevant macOS updates

Aside from important security updates, the new macOS also fixes a bug that makes Bluetooth unavailable when performing Apple Pay transactions, improves the syncing of Microsoft Exchange messages in the Mail app, solves a keyboard bug with the search feature Spotlight, and improves Touch ID accessibility settings.

The macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra update coincides with updates for Apple’s other line of products, including iPhones (iOS 11.1), Apple Watch (watchOS 4.1), and Apple TV (tvOS 11.1), all of which get security and performance improvements in their latest operating systems.

To install the update, launch the App Store, then click the Updates tab. Available updates will appear in the topmost section of the app.

Updating to the latest operating system as soon as it becomes available lets you enjoy a better-performing system and stay safe from the exploits of emerging vulnerabilities like KRACK.

Whether you need assistance with automating your devices’ updates or improving your systems’ overall security, our technicians can provide professional advice. Get in touch with us.

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