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Get the cybersecurity solution you need to deliver the protection your clients demand. Discover the benefit of 1-800 Office Solutions managed security services for your business and keep your data, your business, and your clients safe from every issue.

Cybersecurity threats are evolving faster than ever and are becoming increasingly malicious. They can attack your network at any time and do serious damage to your business. Securing your network, data, and systems should be a top priority. While information security and network security have never been more important, many organizations are finding it quite challenging to keep up with emerging threats. Let the IT security experts at 1-800 Office Solutions secure your network so you can finally get some peace of mind.

Why use Managed Security Services?

For years, it has been common practice to install security software on servers, and to install other packages on desktop or laptop computers. Antivirus and antimalware programs will protect your computers – in theory.

There is a reliance on the software being kept up to date, security patches being applied to operating systems, and many other forms of protection. Hardware solutions may be integrated into the system to help prevent malicious attacks, but there’s only so much anyone can do when they administer their own security.

As a managed security services provider, we can take care of the security of your network and devices, minimizing the risk that your business faces every day. You don’t need to lift a finger as we take care of every aspect of your security requirements. From servers to network infrastructure, PCs to mobile devices, we’ll keep you protected at all times with the latest and most effective technology.

1-800 Office Solutions helps clients:

  • Reduce the cost of network security
  • Improve their overall IT security posture
  • Maximize their security technology investment
  • Simplify regulatory compliance

While they may claim to, not every IT provider or technician has the expertise and cutting-edge technology to secure your network and protect your business from increasing cyber threats. 1-800 Office Solutions has certified network security experts on staff with years of in-the-field experience. This experience is vital to understanding the relationship between different parts of your network and IT systems, and we have the ability to provide comprehensive solutions to keep you safe both now and in the future.

You may already have network security solutions in place, but unfortunately, no single network security solution can make a network safe from attacks anymore. To protect your network, critical data, and critical systems, many integrated layers of security are needed. That’s why you need to take a multi-layered approach such as that provided by 1-800 Office Solutions to enhance your safety and security at every level of your network and IT infrastructure.

IT Security Audits for Managed Security Services

With multiple new threats being discovered every day that can affect your IT security, it pays to stay on top of the latest issues. Cybercriminals invest plenty of time in discovering how to make your firewall or antivirus software ineffective, but we can perform an IT security audit to discover everything we can about your setup before the hackers do.

Every IT security audit we perform allows us to check the level of security currently implemented on your network, including devices that access the network through a cable or wirelessly. We’ll evaluate the systems and technology you already have in place and build a complete plan for IT-managed security services that exceed your needs and expectations.

By incorporating software and hardware that you may already have, we’ll reduce the upfront cost, but will only use the most appropriate solutions to ensure that your network security is never compromised. Out-of-date security solutions can cause more issues than no security solutions at all, so we are careful to advise you accordingly.

By allowing us to provide managed security services, you’ll be relieved from the pressure of ensuring all systems are kept up to date, and you’ll have no need to monitor the situation – we take care of that for you. You can simply relax, safe in the knowledge that your network is being protected at all times, and you can live without fear of data theft or network intrusions.

The 1-800 Office Solutions Difference:

Choosing a managed security services provider isn’t easy as there are many factors to take into account. Does the provider have experience? Will they treat your business individually or offer a standard solution that may or may not be suitable for your needs? Can the provider deliver exceptionally IT-managed security services? Most of all, can the provider deliver a cost-effective solution that works well?

1-800 Office Solutions can provide the network security expertise you need to ensure your network is fully protected. Our background working in conjunction with the FBI and tracking hackers globally allows us to provide our clients with a level of expertise above and beyond any other managed service provider.

We know what works, and we know what doesn’t work – and we know what you need to pay for and what isn’t worth the money. We understand how the mind of a hacker works, and we know what they will look for. Your network is only as secure as its weakest part, and so we work to strengthen and protect every weakness, building an impenetrable protection system for your network that will keep your data and operations safe.

Our cybersecurity experts help businesses of all sizes and industries. We create reliable security architecture and implement an efficient network security plan that can be customized to meet specific business needs. For all businesses, it has never been more important to choose an effective managed security services provider that understands your needs and builds a plan to support your business.

Our CISSP security experts and partners have developed a robust Managed Security Services practice that combines a breadth of security technologies, intelligence, and analytics to help our clients combat increasing cyber threats.

What are the Benefits of Managed Security Services?

In the simplest terms, the major benefit of managed security services is peace of mind. When managing your own network security, there is a constant worry that there is something you’ve missed. A patch not applied, an update not installed, a lower level of protection than you intended. You cannot hope to understand what a hacker or malware will look for, and you can only protect your network from the inside out.

Our approach allows us to understand both sides. We know what you require, and we know what data you need to protect. With our experience of hacks and malicious software of all kinds, we know what areas of your network are most likely to be targeted and we take action to protect you at every level.

Security audits will establish the existence of any potential attack vectors and we can take immediate action to strengthen your defenses. Intrusion detection and prevention allow us to keep your network protected from even the most accomplished hackers and the newest malware, boosting your confidence in the safety of your business.

Managed security services are equally important for every type of business. If you use a computer system at any level of your business, you may be vulnerable to the devastation that a breach of your security systems could cause – you owe it to yourself and your clients to ensure that you are protected whenever possible.

Keeping up to date with all the developments in cybersecurity can be a full-time occupation, and we know that you won’t have time to do it yourself. Attempting to do so can lead to insubstantial protection that allows your network and computer integrity to be affected, opening the door to security issues that could be avoided through the use of a managed security services provider.

Is it worth the risk of leaving your network security to chance rather than choosing an experienced and skilled team to deliver high-quality and effective security services that you can rely on?

We give you the stability every business needs to thrive and grow by providing a strong foundation for you to build on. When you choose managed security services, you’re protecting the core of your business and increasing the confidence that your clients will feel. Fully IT managed security services can be the difference between a modern business succeeding and failing, and it is never worth risking your business secrets or the personal or financial data of your clients.

Be safe and stay protected with a managed security services provider you can trust.

1-800 Office Solutions’s Managed Security Services include:

Compliance Management


Threat Management

Vulnerability Management

1-800 Office Solutions security experts can defend your infrastructure around-the-clock to help ensure that your network and business data are protected – allowing you to focus on what’s most important, your growing business. We stay ahead of the latest cyber threats, so you don’t have to.

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