MiVoice 4224 Digital Phone

MiVoice 4224 Digital Phone

The MiVoice 4224 Digital Phone telephones are specifically designed for the needs of operators working with MX-ONE and BusinessPhone PBXs.

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MiVoice 4224 Digital Phone is a large, five-row adjustable graphical display offers well-structured information layout. This is where the status and call information are presented. The display and key texts are easy to read and understand. The keypad uses a conventional numeric keypad and single access to all traffic handling functions. The operator can choose between five languages to be displayed. They are designed to provide them with full switchboard access and functionality.

Key Benefits

Save On Deployment Costs

No need to deploy separate DECT and WLAN infrastructure. This base station provides enterprise-grade voice and basic Wi-Fi connectivity in a single, centrally managed deployment.
4 large Clear and Speech keys with LEDs

  • 1 large Answer – Extend key
  • A five-row adjustable graphical display
  • Acoustic shock protection Support option unit port
  • Adjustable foot console
  • Easy to mount on wall
  • Headset port -with dedicated headset switching key-
  • Hearing impaired support with amplification – +6db –
  • Programmable ringer loudness and tone character

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