Save money with your data center

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Save money with your data center

your data centerIs your data center sucking you dry like a vampire? Many business owners would like to believe that the server room and data center doesn’t exist. But whether you acknowledge them or not, they could be eating up your resources every month. Here’s what to do to cut costs. 

Perform an energy audit

There’s a good chance your IT staff has never thought about how much energy your server room and data center are consuming. The first thing to do to rectify the problem is to identify how much power is being used. 

To get you started, here are a few questions to ask: 

  • How much of the data center’s power budget goes to support systems?
  • How much goes to IT systems?
  • How much IT output do you get for every kilowatt/hour of power used by your data center IT systems? 

Answering these questions will help you determine just how efficient, or inefficient, your data center is. 

Decrease IT workload

When you save a single watt of energy at the server level, you save nearly 3 watts in data center costs. 

How do you decrease the IT workload? Virtualization is a common and effective tactic. Instead of wasting money on cooling the servers in your data center, have them hosted by your IT provider and have their technology delivered to you via the internet. This allows you to eliminate some servers from your office and reduce cooling costs. 

For alternate ways to decrease server workload, you can also: 

  • Eliminate unused servers
  • Consolidate servers
  • Purchase more energy-efficient technology 

Mind humidity and temperature levels

Because much non-IT personnel doesn’t understand the data center, they assume incorrectly that the room must be kept as cold as the North Pole to protect sensitive data. This is not true. 

While excessively high temperatures, humidity, or dry conditions can harm your data, most modern-day data center equipment can withstand a wide range of humidity levels and temperatures. Because of this, you need less cooling and dehumidification. Consult an IT professional for the right temperature. 

You can also cool down your data center with an economizer system. This technology uses cool air from the outside to provide “free” cooling cycles for your data center. 

Want more tips on reducing your overall IT bill? Curious to learn more about virtualization? Call us today to talk to our experts.

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