Data Breach Alert: Sony Interactive Entertainment Experiences Cyber-Attack

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Sony Interactive Entertainment recently disclosed a significant data breach, revealing that personal information for 6,791 of its past and present employees was compromised during a cyber-attack in June.

The breach, attributed to the notorious Clop ransomware group, has prompted Sony to promptly reach out to those affected. As a precautionary measure, the company is offering services like credit monitoring and identity restoration to the victims. While the breach was undoubtedly severe, Sony has clarified that, as of now, there’s no evidence pointing to the exposed personal details being misused or publicly disclosed.

The root of this breach was a vulnerability in Sony’s MOVEit file transfer platform, which has since been rectified. This loophole granted unauthorized access, allowing cybercriminals to download files packed with sensitive information. The flaw was identified and reported by MOVEit’s creator, Progress Software, a few days post the attack.

By 2nd June, Sony had recognized these unauthorized downloads and promptly suspended the compromised platform. In addition to internal assessments, Sony involved external cybersecurity professionals and informed the appropriate legal authorities about the breach.

This incident, documented by the Office of the Maine Attorney General, signifies the second breach Sony has encountered recently. Only a month prior, another cybercriminal group claimed to have hacked Sony’s entire system, allegedly offering the data for sale after Sony declined a ransom demand.

In a related development, Cyber Security Connect highlighted another individual alleging to have breached Sony’s systems, releasing credentials for some internal operations. While Sony is yet to respond to specific inquiries, they have informed select media outlets about their ongoing investigations into the matter.

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