Top 6 IT Management Solutions (2021) – How To Choose?

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We all know that no modern business can function without an IT department that comes up with vital IT management solutions responsible for technology implementation, data infrastructure, overall company security, etc. These solutions can help secure data, make sure your business uses the best tech practices, and improve the quality of the company’s services. 

So, why are these types of solutions important for you, and most importantly what are they? 

IT management is a compound of the important pillars: hardware, software, and networks. It focuses on how all information systems in your business can operate more efficiently which helps your workers do a better job.

Why are IT management solutions vital?

More and more businesses are putting IT at the very core of their business focus. Living in a world that is surrounded by technology and interconnectivity demands that IT departments become more agile and do more. This can sometimes overburden your IT department, so having IT management solutions help streamline business, and lift the burden so to speak in order to provide better service for your end customer while maximizing revenue.

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In this article, I’ve explored the most intuitive, reliable, feature-packed, and client-friendly IT management solutions available today, and chose our favorite pick of the day solution. 

1-800 Office Solutions

1-800 Office Solutions is a modern IT solution. The company has been recognized as one of the best IT management solutions out there today by customers and peers. With this company, you can expect live phone support 24/7, remote resolution of issues, a truly dedicated team, and what’s best, no out-of-pocket maintenance fees.

1-800 Office Solutions is a step in the direction of a completely smart business or office. Using it can help anticipate and prevent problems before they happen. It, like other solutions in this list, is used for monitoring and reporting and so much more. 



If you want to solve one of three key issues: improving IT processes via automation, protecting the organization from internal or external threats, or simply keeping up with your infrastructure, Solarwinds is the perfect IT solution for the job.

Many solutions claim to solve these problems but actually, they only cause more problems. Either they are too complicated and time-consuming, or they are expensive, incomplete, and slow.

SolarWinds has a portfolio of connecting IT operations management products that are designed to work together and deliver full visibility on your environment as well as bigger control over it whether you are running your tech in a few private or public clouds, or in a hybrid IT environment. With SolarWinds, you can use only one product that will solve your pressing problem and then choose on from there. You can cherry-pick other capabilities as well whether that is monitoring your serves, help desk challenges, or an upcoming security audit. 

Cherwell IT Service Management

Cherwell IT Service Management has all of the things you will ever need from an IT management solution software meaning it is built with flexibility, options, and accessibility in mind. In other words, it is a comprehensive service desk. With this solution, you can meet all changing and growing demands that appear across your organization, from IT to HR, all for a low-end cost.

Cherwell features an expansive dashboard that is easily customizable i.e. it is simple to configure.


Agiloft is made with pre-built custom modules that help businesses become more efficient. It is a unique process management software. They offer contract management, services desk software, and much, much more.

One reason why they are one of the great ones in their field is that they have a simple approach. They prioritize customer (your) satisfaction.


mHelpDesk was designed for complete business management automation. This solution helps you take the first step of contacting potential customers and maintaining long-standing client relations. It is a single-tool package that is highly reliable and functional.

mHelpDesk comes in a mobile format for small businesses that have business owners or workers on the go.

If you are in any way worried about mHelpDesk ability to handle all of your data – don’t be. They have over 10 years of experience building various web-based applications for hundreds of clients.

Axios Systems

Axios Systems are helping to help on your journey to IT maturity. They have been running for 30 years with a  goal to help customers achieve business success via effective and efficient IT management.

Founded in 1988 as a response to the ever-growing IT importance and the need for reliable IT services, Axios Systems has a unique vision. It surely delivers on the promises made as they are using a proven methodology that helps maintain a 100% success rate over its 30 years of implementation.

Outsourcing IT management – pick of the day

Another popular route that businesses can take is outsourcing IT management. Like any other business IT management outsourcing is great for small, medium, or large businesses, negating the need to hire a team of in-house experts or train current employees on the solutions we talked about. 1-800 Office Solutions is such a company. It focuses on improving and maintaining your IT infrastructure through fully managed IT services and protecting it through their IT security services. They even do IT consulting, which can help narrow down your choices when choosing an IT management solution.

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Choosing the perfect IT solution can be a big deal and seem overwhelming, but if you decide to go for one of the featured solutions here, then I know you won’t go wrong. 

The effectiveness of all departments today relies on whether you are IT capable, optimized, and ready to hit that next growth or scale stage of your particular business. We have the IT management solutions that can do that for you. Contact us today and get our professional service and get your business on the right track.

In the coming years, more opportunities will present themselves where savvy business owners will have to make crucial calls about reducing manual labor in their companies and protecting i.e. securing their data.

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