6 Amazing Benefits of Hiring IT Management

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Are you considering hiring IT management? We think it is essential to keep your company growing. Check out the amazing benefits of hiring IT management.

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Across the world, businesses spent $3.79 trillion on information technology (IT). Furthermore, the total IT outsourcing contract value is expected to hit $409 billion in the U. S. by 2022.

Technology’s become a crucial differentiator in how well businesses deliver, and their IT budgets are proof. However, knowing that others are finding success by outsourcing IT is one thing. Understanding how your organization can benefit from working with third-party IT management companies is a whole other kettle of fish.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at six compelling reasons that make outsourcing your IT function a worthwhile investment.

What’s IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is the process of hiring external resources to oversee certain information technology functions. When hiring out your IT function, you can choose to do it in full or partially.

You can outsource offshore, which is hiring an IT partner from a distant country. Nearshore and onshore outsourcing are other viable options. Traditionally, nearshore and offshore have been the best option for saving money.

Why Should You Hire Out Your IT Management?

Several benefits make IT outsourcing an attractive option, and they include:

1. Access to Greater Expertise

An IT outsourcing partner focuses on the particular function you hire them for. While an in-house team would have experience handling the same functions, there’s a difference. They likely wouldn’t be as in-depth or as varied as via outsourcing.

For example, let’s say you need to bring in a 3D printer to help you operate in a more agile manner. Your in-house team may know the basics of how to operate one. But what happens when you need to clean the 3D printer nozzle? Someone on the team will likely need to stop what they’re doing and figure it out.

On the other hand, if you outsource your IT needs to a competent partner, servicing 3D printers is part of their regular schedule. Not only do they know how to do it, but they are familiar with the intricacies of various models, which makes for better maintenance.

A similar scenario plays out in other IT-related areas. You can have an in-house team, but they won’t be as well-rounded as an outsourcing partner.

Moreover, IT outsourcing service providers work with different partners. That means they have a depth of experience in varied fields. On top of that, they understand the need for ample staffing. You, therefore, won’t run out of human resources no matter how complex a project may get.

2. Cost-Efficient

From a cost perspective, IT outsourcing can help you shape a more efficient operational system.

When you bring an IT partner on board to manage your infrastructure, they will first take an inventory of your entire system. Once they have an overview, they will go to work crafting a process model that makes your operations, customer service efficacy, and sales more productive.

An IT outsourcing partner makes regular investments in hardware and software to serve their client base. As a result, they have access to the most advanced technology tools and equipment available that you’d struggle to acquire individually. Therefore, it becomes more practical to bring on such a partner on board and let them handle making the capital investments into the IT infrastructure.

Additionally, the company you outsource your IT to also recruits and trains workers to keep their skills up-to-date. Passing that cost onto the IT service provider you hire helps you retain precious capital to inject into your mission-critical areas for growth.

3. Better Security

The financial impact of cybercrime on businesses is no small change. Statistics show that by 2021, businesses will bleed $6 trillion per year, stemming from cybersecurity damages.

Unless you have a hefty budget to dedicate towards hiring and maintaining a cybersecurity team, hiring an experienced IT service provider versed in cybersecurity is more sustainable.

While your firm dabbles in IT as part of its daily operations, an IT outsourcing provider handles technology every waking hour. Thus, any breakthrough in cybersecurity is at their fingertips. Additionally, because these firms serve a wider pool of clients, they can dedicate their time and spread the costs of continually training their staff on the latest threats.

Bridging on such a partner can boost your online security in ways that would be hard for you to match on your own.

If, for example, you end up being hit by ransomware, you won’t be scrambling to learn how to resolve it from scratch. Your IT partner will already know the most innovative ways to secure your network to thwart possible future attempts.

4. Focus on Your Core Business

It’s true that technology has indeed eaten the world and now stands as a layer over all your operations. However, you still need to weigh how much time you need to invest in your IT function versus your core business.

An IT service provider takes the load of managing your infrastructure off your hands so you can focus on what matters most. Instead of your team getting swamped with customer support or other maintenance issues, they can focus on core business matters that move your firm’s needle.

For you to gain this benefit, though, you need to hire an IT service provider you trust. The outsourcing company you go with should offer you regular updates and reports, keeping you in the loop.

5. Round-The-Clock Support

Any downtime that hits your infrastructure results in lost revenue for your business. Hiring an IT service provider ensures that you have the help you require to recover quickly whenever you are hit with an infrastructure breakdown. IT outsourcing partners offer 24/7 support to enable your system to recover no matter the time of day.

While fast reactive measures are excellent, nothing beats being proactive, and that’s where IT outsourcing shines. Working with a third-party that oversees your infrastructure means they monitor your system every day.

Armed with the vast knowledge they gain from dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds, IT service providers are better placed to anticipate system issues.

Any new trend they come across with other clients acts as a new reference point to ensure your system prevents a similar breakdown from happening. As a result, you gain a more robust preventative strategy that reduces your lost revenues due to infrastructure malfunction.

6. Better Handling of Big Data

Whether you run a big or small organization, you can’t afford to ignore big data anymore. In simple terms, big data is the set of tools and processes you need to utilize and manage large data sets.

Your business operates amid significant data flows from various directions. Whether it be dealing with your customers, suppliers, or even internal teams, you generate extensive data. If you can analyze this information and mine it for relevant insights, you can create significant growth opportunities.

When you work with an experienced and qualified IT provider, you’ll gain access to specialized data analysis tools. The third-party partner also affords you the human resources to dig through all the information you process and surface valuable insights you can action.

What You Should Know Before Outsourcing Your IT Function

Before you put out an expression of interest for IT service providers, you first need to determine your strategy. Remember, an IT outsourcing partner doesn’t come in to determine your objectives for you. Instead, they come in to implement the strategy you’ve already settled on and help you achieve your objectives.

It’s worth noting as you craft your plan that you need to provide for unexpected occurrences. Many factors that influence your objectives are out of your control. Thus baking in an allowance for such instances will better prepare you to pivot when necessary.

Once you know what you’re shooting for with your IT, you go into determining the budget that can sustain that plan. Doing this is especially critical if you’re going to negotiate with third party IT providers as it helps you assess what’s feasible.

Furthermore, having a clear idea of your budget helps any service provider you work with know the resources at hand to best help you hit your target.

Since only what gets measured is what gets done, you can’t hire an IT service provider before determining the milestones you’ll use to gauge your progress. Your milestones need to be specific, realistic, achievable, measurable, and time-bound to assess your growth accurately.

Another critical issue you must figure out in advance is how to protect your intellectual property (IP). Consult legal counsel to help shape an agreement that protects your Intellectual assets even as you coordinate with an IT specialist is mandatory.

Are You Ready to Work With IT Outsourcing Firms for Greater Success?

Spending as much as you can on IT is no longer up for debate. However, how you spend can either be efficient or waste your resources. Working with third-party IT management providers helps you tap into the latest expertise and tools without taking time away from your core business.

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