Advanced Capture Technology

Easily Capture and Organize Mission-Critical Digital Assets

Having an efficient and easy process for capturing information throughout your organization is critical to maximizing efficiency in any business process.

With its Advanced Capture Technology and regardless of the document type, format, or location, 1-800 Office Solutions can help you capture information into a simple to use repository for instant worldwide access.

We will remove redundant labor and employee error that commonly happens during the scanning and indexing of documents, automating fax capture, or getting data from the website to your workforce.

Advanced Capture Technology

Let 1-800 Office Solutions implement an effective capture solution to organize data, minimize duplicate data entry, and eliminate inefficient manual processes.

Regardless of how you get your information – physical pieces of paper, email attachments, electronic forms, PDF documents, images, etc., our solution will automate the process and standardize the capture of information that drives your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of digital assets?

Digital assets could come in the form of any file that is stored for your company. Whether this is a photo, a written document, or even a video.

What does Digital Asset mean?

A digital asset refers to the information that is stored for your company in any format. These are files that are stored digitally.

Is a website a digital asset?

Typically, a website is not considered a digital asset. However, documents, photos, and videos that are stored for use on the website would be considered a digital asset.

Why are digital assets important?

Just as physical assets are important to your company, digital assets are also important. Digital assets are the valuable information that allows your company to thrive. Many times, there is valuable and sensitive information stored inside of your digital assets.

What are 3 types of assets?

Photos, Videos, Files

How do you manage digital assets?

Each company chooses to manage its digital assets differently. Many companies use a document management system to store and share documents between employees.