HP PageWide XL 3900 MFP

HP PageWide XL 3900 MFP

With HP PageWide XL 3900 MFP, do the work of two printers with one – faster and lower cost than LED

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Print mono and color, all in one device

Save time, space and money with a single end-to-end solution for printing both mono and color. Keep up with your workload with faster print speeds than LED. Dynamic security: Cartridges with non-HP chips might not work today or in the future.

  • Up to 6 D/A1 pages per minutes
  • Print quality (best) Color: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Easy printing, copying and scanning from a single device
  • HP PageWide XL pigment ink
  • Up to 4 rolls
  • 400 ml inks
  • Top stacker and optional folder



Key Benefits

Less Cost, More Control

  • Run at lower costs than low-volume LED in both monochrome and color. Use only half the energy per pages and gain control over your printing costs with HP Smart Tracker software

Fast Immediate Simple access to Final printers

  • Any one can copy and scan with intuitive multifunction work flows including automatic background removal
  • Focus on your project not the printer with up to 4 rolls and integrated 100 page top stacker

Save Help Keep Costs Under Control

  • Gain broad control over your printing costs and turn them to your advantage with HP SmartTracker software
  • Secure data and help cut breach related costs self encrypted HDD. secure disk erase and role access control.
  • Use half the energy per page compared to equivalent LED printers.

Consolidate Mono and Color Printing in One

  • Improve manageability and simplify your workflow with one device for mono and color .
  • Help meet all your needs from job preparation to finishing, with a fully integrated HP solution

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