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How do I configure LDAP with HP PageWide XL.

HP PageWide XL uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), which provides access from the printer to a network address book for scan-to-email and user authentication purposes?


Today, we’ll see how to configure it. For the first step in this process, I need to access the HP Embedded Web Server by simply typing in the printer’s IP address into my internet browser to access the printer configuration. Please note: To find out the printer IP address, go to the front panel and tap the Network icon then the Settings cog, and Gigabit Ethernet. Then I click Settings and Address book.

At this point in the process, I need to enable the LDAP server to continue, by clicking Enable Network Contacts (Use LDAP server) Here, I need to enter the name of the company LDAP server address and the associated Port. Please note that port 389 is the standard LDAP port. I then need to authenticate with my company Windows credentials, the domain name, username, and password. Here in the LDAP Database Search Settings section, I need to fill in the following fields. In the Path to start a search box, I need to enter the path to start searching the database. Again, this information is available by consulting the user attributes in Windows Active directory. In the recipient’s display name box, I enter the name of the attribute that contains the person’s name (For example, display Name).

In the recipient’s email address box, enter the name of the attribute that contains the person’s email address. Use the LDAP filter condition box to set up an optional filter to filter out email addresses. Click the Apply button to save the settings. Setup is complete. To finalize this process, I need to check that the LDAP retrieval is set up correctly. To test this, I enter at least three characters of a network contact name in the  Test box, and then click the Test button. If the test is successful, a message is displayed. Now, when scanning, the user can look up for an email address on the panel and send the job directly to their email address.

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