The Best Managed IT Services For Small Business In 2021

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We are constantly reminded how important it’s to keep up with modern technological advances. We have a lot of evidence about the deep involvement of technology in our lives. This is even more pronounced in small businesses, where managed IT services for small business comes in handy. IT technology is of utmost importance to reach the business goals, achieve better profit margins, and assure company growth.

This article will show how managed IT services for small businesses unify all these technical solutions and services into one powerful tool. You will see how a small company can benefit from managed IT services for small businesses.

What Exactly Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services mean a complex integration of all the IT tasks that every company, regardless of its size, has to do every day, more or less. This includes data management, printing services, maintenance of computer hardware and networks, etc.

For some companies, this usually means operating dedicated IT departments within the company. The benefits from this type of service for a small business are numerous, as shown in the list below.

1. Cost

Every company “lives” to generate profit. Operating a small business means that you are much more sensitive to even the slightest variations in your profit margins. Reducing the costs of your operation is the only way to ensure that your company stays competitive, productive, and profitable.

1-800 Office Solutions Cost Management

The only way to reduce your costs without sacrificing the quality of services that your customers expect is to use a managed IT service. Doing this means forming an entire department and hiring engineers to work in it, which increases your companies’ expenditures for salaries. Usually, this type of expenditure makes up a significant part of the cost to operate their business in all companies.

Managed IT services means the company is outsourcing said services to third-party providers like 1-800 Office Solutions. Instead of keeping many engineers employed in an IT department and paying their salaries, a company like 1-800 Office Solutions will provide you with these services. It will cost a flat service fee paid on a monthly or yearly basis. 


2. Knowledge and experience

Considering how large the IT field is, most IT professionals specialize only in certain areas. Some are experts in cloud computing, others in computer forensics, setting up and maintaining virtual networks, and third ones in data storage. For a company to be successful, it will have to cover all these needs. For a small business, that means that you, the owner have to do an entire IT department’s job and possess all the knowledge of this field. The amount of information this entails and the cost and time you will have to invest can be an insurmountable obstacle for your business.

This is where a managed IT services provider comes in. It’s a company dedicated entirely to providing an efficient IT service by using IT experts from different areas of IT. These professionals are involved in continuous learning to keep their knowledge in that area up-to-date.

IT Skills

The companies like 1-800 Office Solutions that provide this type of service have arrangements with multiple clients, not just one business. This means that the type of problems they encounter in their everyday operations vary in scope, size, and difficulty, which is a source of experience that no single IT department can match.

3. Diversity of service 

Managed IT service for small business means that the third-party provider offers its client a wide range of different services. The services are agreed upon between the provider and the client and can vary depending on their needs. This means that as your company grows and its IT needs change, it’s possible to modify your agreement.

4. Proactive relationship with the customer

Having a contract for managed IT services for small businesses can also mean a proactive approach to your company’s IT tasks. The vast expertise and experience the IT services provider has means that they can anticipate any problems that may arise in your IT operation and act promptly to address these problems.

Without a dedicated managed services provider, your IT department may have trouble addressing these problems. The chances that your department will anticipate these problems are slim, and your company will probably become aware of them after they happen. The damage will be done, and it will take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to fix it. This is very costly in terms of money and time.

So instead of waiting for something to happen and trying to fix it themselves or hiring somebody to fix the problem, the managed services provider will do it for its client for the agreed service fee.

5. Safety and security 

Outsourcing your IT services to a third-party provider means safety and security for the company. One of the IT services provided is cybersecurity which prevents and detects any possible weaknesses in your company’s systems and network. You will get the best and most recent software required to protect your business.

IT Safety and security

The low service fee means that the managed IT services for small businesses allow you to forecast your expenditures more precisely. You and your employees can forget about any technical details and focus on growing your business.


To achieve the best IT results in your business, we recommend using companies like 1-800 Office Solutions. As an experienced managed IT services provider, 1-800 Office Solutions has the necessary expertise and experience to help you achieve your company’s goals. You will have a reliable partner to provide you with an extensive range of IT services. Whether you need IT consultancy services, technical support, cloud computing, network maintenance, virtual network service, or any other IT service, 1-800 Office Solutions has the answer for you. Please, feel free to contact us.

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