What Exactly Is Managed Print Services and Why Does Your Business Need It?

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The average office worker prints close to 10,000 sheets of paper every year. This cost accounts for about $120 billion of the total annual budget allocated to printing.

There’s been a buzz around paperless offices in recent times. Even so, the modern office will still need printing services regardless of digitization outcomes.

Some organizations need printing services once every so often. However, some businesses depend on printing as an essential part of their core processes. Managing your printing needs in such cases can be hectic.

The good news is that managed print services exist to bridge this gap. If your business needs a high output of printing services, it might make sense to consider outsourced print services. Have you been wondering how you can manage print services for small businesses?


What Is Managed Print Services?

Managed print services refer to services offered by an external provider. The outsourced provider optimizes or controls all of your company’s printed document output. There’s a lot that goes into providing managed print services.

Are you considering outsourcing managed print services? You might need to have a guarantee of what the managed IT expert is willing to offer.

The needs assessment is among the most critical roles played by a managed print service expert. You’ll also get to enjoy selective or general replacement of any faulty printer hardware.

External companies that offer managed print services may also supply you with printing parts and any other third-party equipment you might need. Your managed print service provider can also track the use of your printers, copiers, and MFP fleets to ensure that there’s satisfaction on your side.

Some managed print services providers offer much more. But this depends on the underlying agreement with your provider.

How Does Managed Print Services Work?

This is a fair question considering that most retail companies have an in-house printing department. When your printing services are in-house, a lot can go wrong. Most times, when the printer breakdowns due to issues as minor as a toner replacement, the office come to a standstill.

Most retail entities that manage their printing services in-house often experience a recurrence of operational slow-downs due to software and hardware related issues. However, managed print services take a unique approach to handling your printing needs.

When you outsource to an external company, you get a comprehensive solution to all your printing needs. Our team has a specialist technician who undertakes regular maintenance and assessment of the print device.

Such timely interventions help to ensure that they are in good functional order. This means that you don’t have to worry about the routine functional order of your print equipment.

Your IT department can now sigh with relief. The lifted burden is because they no longer need to run haywire whenever a paper jam arises. You only need to allow us to take care of the technical bit while focusing on your core business. The arrangement makes printing less hectic and frustrating in the organization setting.

What Are the Benefits of Managed Print Services?

As a business, it’s always important to consider the tradeoffs of any managed service before considering it. Managed print services introduce a myriad of critical advantages to your business. Here are some of the main benefits.


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Constant Analysis of Your Print Fleet

Most internal IT departments can analyze all the print needs in a business. Nonetheless, this comes at the expense of other essential functions. If you’re keen on enhancing efficiency and ensuring maximum productivity for your IT department, it will make more sense to consider an external print management service.

When you outsource your services to a specialist, you have the assurance of constant analysis of your printing needs. Most in-house teams are often reactive to technical issues. However, managed print services providers are always on the lookout for any emergent issues with the print fleet in real-time.

Our team of experts considers all the underlying printing needs, including scanning, printing, copying, and faxing. The approach ensures that you operate at optimum.

Save Time and Improve Efficiency

Printers are an essential device in your office. However, these devices can be a real nightmare when they develop technical hitches. The amount of time invested in rectifying errors can eat into productive time and even reduce efficiency.

Have you noted an increase in the time lost trying to operate these printers? Managed print services exist to remedy this concern. The time lost trying to replace ink cartridges and toners have an eventual impact on your organization’s efficiency.

Your best bet would be to engage with us for unmatched managed print services. The best part about dealing with experts is that we deal with emergencies in real-time. These ensure that there’s limited productive time lost and enhances efficiency.

Managed Print Services Help Save Money

Did you know that the United States uses close to 10 million trees to create receipts alone? Further, the production cost is staggering, considering the amount of ink and other related expenses that go into the printing process. You also need to factor in additional charges such as repairs, paper waste, and ink spills.

All these costs eventually affect your business. Some companies underestimate the actual value of printing. If you aren’t careful, these costs can be overwhelming in the long-term. You might end up spending a lot when undertaking recurrent maintenance on individual devices.

The problem with repairs in a big organization is that you can never keep track of each device on the go. However, our team monitors all devices with managed print services regardless of how scattered they could be. The specialist then schedules recurrent maintenance programs to ensure collective servicing for all your printers in real-time.

Improved Security

Information security remains a significant concern for most businesses. The situation is even worse, given that modern printers are susceptible to numerous security concerns. Are you worried about the safety of your information in the age of cyber insecurity?

Managed print services can help you deal with the racking issue of information insecurity. You only need to identify a reliable managed print service provider.

You’ll then enjoy a unique, tailored print security plan for all your devices. Our experienced technicians can install multifunctional printers with automatic hard drive wiping functionality for your devices.

Once you have such network-level solutions within your system, you won’t have to worry about your information’s safety when printing. The number of people who have access to your networked printers makes the security concern real. The idea is to ensure the immediate wiping out of any data that might remain within the printer’s internal storage after printing.

Gain Predictability

One of the common concerns when dealing with printers is the issue of unpredictability. You’re never sure when the toner will breathe its last.

You also don’t know when the dreaded “no paper” notification will pop-up. Such uncertainties can be limiting. This is especially so when you need to complete urgent tasks.

The best thing about managed print services is that you can achieve the all-important aspect of predictability. Most seasoned managed print services experts can evaluate your printing devices and ensure timely rectification of any underlying technical issues before it affects you.

Predictability is an essential factor when printing services are an integral part of your business’ operations. With managed print services, you no longer have to worry about sudden stoppages when using your printers. All you need to do is to call us today to handle all your printing needs.

Improve Productivity

There’s nothing more important in an organization than maintaining a high level of productivity. However, most times, a lot of productive time goes down the drain handling other non-core functions. Are you looking to grow your business in the future?

One of the best ways to keep your business going is to let the experts handle all other functions as you focus on your business’s most critical objective or goal. This way, you can improve productivity. The growth is more so given that most of your employees will focus more on what matters as opposed to wasting time repairing machines.

Boost Your Confidence

It can be unsettling when you always have to keep your fingers closed whenever working with your printers. Managing your printing needs in-house works. However, you might need to deal with recurrent anxiety, given the fear of a recurrence of printer failures.

Once you call us in, you no longer have to worry about anything. Working with professionals gives you the confidence that everything is under control. You can focus on running your business, knowing that someone is in charge of all your needs.

It’s Time to Consider Managed Print Services

Sometimes outsourced services are the best option when dealing with relatively complex yet important issues such as printing devices maintenance. If printing is at the core of your essential processes, it might be too much a risk to entrust the department’s management in the hands of in-house teams.

This is why managed print services often come in handy. Once you outsource your services to a trusted company such as 1-800 Office Solutions, you’ll be sure of increased productivity, efficiency, and predictability.

Are you looking to outsource your managed IT and managed print services to a seasoned company? Contact us today for unmatched professional input.



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