When to Upgrade Your Photocopier: Seven Signs the Time is Now

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According to researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, businesses make over 15 trillion copies each year.

This staggering number makes your photocopier one of the most important pieces of equipment in your office. Like any piece of equipment, though, your photocopier has a limited product life.

In many cases, a photocopier’s life won’t end suddenly. It will keep “working” but not as well. It might breakdown from time to time. However, many of the issues will be fixable.

So how do you know it’s time to throw in the towel on these photocopier resuscitation measures? Fortunately, you can learn to recognize the signs that it’s time to pull the plug.

Read on for the top seven signs you should upgrade your photocopier.


1. Your Photocopier Needs Frequent Repairs

If you’re on a first-name basis with the local IT equipment repairman, it may be time to upgrade your photocopier.

Perhaps, the first time you called him, you breathed a sigh of relief when he told you the issue could be fixed and quoted you a seemingly small repair bill. Over time, though, those “small” repair bills add up. Eventually, the cost of these repairs can easily exceed the cost of a new copier.

Age and wear and tear mean that older printing equipment needs more frequent repairs. Newer machines are more efficient so they need less maintenance.

This translates to cost savings and enhanced productivity for your business. With reliable new printing equipment, you and your employees won’t need to cross your fingers and hope this photocopying job won’t be the one to trigger the next breakdown.

2. It’s More Difficult to Find Parts for Your Photocopier

When you work with a reputable IT equipment supplier, you can count on access to parts for years—even after your product is discontinued.

Eventually, though, securing access to the necessary parts will become more difficult. In the case of smaller parts, it might be impossible.

What’s more, the parts you can find will be more expensive and take longer to arrive. This is another factor that increases repair costs and decreases productivity in offices with old printing equipment.

Again, the solution is to upgrade.

3. Your Photocopying Costs Keep Increasing

Maybe you’ve read this far, and you’re still not convinced. Maybe you think that, somehow, you got lucky. Your old copier must be an exception. It’s old, yes, but it’s still reliable. And—knock on wood—you haven’t had to call in the rescue squad.

That’s great, and it does save you money on repairs. However, you haven’t escaped the curse of old office equipment.

In fact, even when it’s working at its “best,” your old photocopier is draining money and resources. That’s because older photocopiers lose efficiency. They also need more consumables, like toner, ink, and paper.

Unfortunately, the cost of these supplies continues to rise. Not even counting paper, the producer price index (PPI) for office supplies, including ink and toner, has steadily and significantly increased each year since a record low in 1985. In 1985, the PPI for office supplies was 100.0. In 2020, it reached a record high of 175.9.

Upgrading to a new photocopier cushion the blow of these price increases.

4. Your Energy Costs Keep Increasing

Many businesses leave their printing equipment on even when they’re not in use. In fact, many businesses leave their devices on constantly. Even in sleep mode, photocopiers and other office equipment use electricity. With older, less efficient devices, this can translate to significant energy costs.

Maybe, though, you and your employees are energy conscious. You turn your devices off each night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t protect your energy bill as much as you might think. That’s because IT equipment uses even more energy to power on and off. Again, older devices use more energy than newer devices.

The government provides incentives—and, in many cases, requires—business equipment to meet certain efficiency standards. This ensures that newer devices are more efficient.

The result, for you, is energy savings and more sustainable business practices.

5. You Have Photocopier Envy

Technology increases at an exponential rate. As a result, even a relatively reliable older photocopier can’t compete with newer models.

Maybe your work involves travel, and you’ve seen the technology that other offices enjoy. Maybe you’ve even started investigating the latest photocopier technologies.

If so, you know that newer models offer a host of benefits, including:

  • Faster processing
  • Enhanced touch screen interfaces
  • Improved document management
  • Better network connectivity

Newer photocopiers also work seamlessly with the latest computer software. Unfortunately, your old device can’t make the same promise.

6. Your Old Photocopier Is Vulnerable to Security Threats

Sign #6 actually isn’t a sign. It’s a fact. Your old device is vulnerable to security threats.

Along with the technology enhancements above, newer photocopiers incorporate technology to keep information safe. This technology includes password protection and encryption. It also includes the most up-to-date network protocols.

Since your printer is connected to your network, these protections are essential. They are essential for protecting your company’s data. They are essential for protecting your clients’ data. And they are essential to protecting you from the hassles and costly lawsuits that can result if data privacy is breached.

7. Your Photocopier Is More than Five Years Old

If you need a final nail in your old photocopier’s coffin, take a simple number—five. Experts recommend upgrading to a new photocopier every five years.

If you’ve had your photocopier longer than five years, it’s not doing your business justice. Furthermore, its performance will only decline from here.

The only logical, cost-effective solution is upgrading to a newer model.

Pull the Plug on Your Old Photocopier, and Power Up to a Stronger Business

Maybe your old photocopier served you well, and you’re sorry to see it go. Or maybe it’s been nothing but trouble from the start, and you’re glad it’s time for a new one.

Either way, your old device is old news. Your new photocopier is the future. Start down the road to a better future by choosing a reputable IT equipment provider like 1-800 Office Solutions.

At 1-800 Office Solutions, we know businesses, and we know business equipment. We are experts at bringing the two together to enhance office productivity.

Request a quote today or contact us for more information.

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