How to Choose a Digital Copier Machine for Your Business

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In 2020, the global photocopier machine was valued at $677 million.

Digital photocopiers and printers have become crucial assets in today’s business environment. Businesses depend on them either directly or indirectly to improve employee productivity and manage printing projects.

If you have been using small printers, it will be wise to invest in digital photocopiers to save time and improve your operations. But how do you pick the best copier machine out of the staggering volume of options?

This article will guide you on the choosing process. Please read to the end to avoid making mistakes.


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Assess Your Printing Needs

Why do you need a new photocopier machine? That’s the first question to answer when starting your journey to find a digital copier.

Modern copiers are customized to meet the user’s needs. If your business is large and needs a large volume of daily letterheads, you will need an advanced photocopying machine.

You will also need a printer with a higher speed to save the time you spend on the process. Though costly, the best photocopiers can print the best color copies within a short time.

Similarly, a small copier will be best if you run a small business and you don’t print at all times. There are many white and black printers ideal for firms that don’t need high-quality resolutions.

So, brainstorm with your business managers on the right printer for your needs. You may also inform your supplier to help you select the best one.

Check the Features and the Apps

Do you have remote employees? Would you like them to access the photocopier at the comfort of their homes? Technology has made the photocopying industry more straightforward. Nowadays, you can get photocopiers with all features of your choice.

Here are some of the features you may need to look for:

Scan to the cloud– The ideal photocopier should allow you to scan the documents in your cloud storage for easy printing and record-keeping.

Cloud printings: Like scanning, cloud printing allows users to access printers from remote locations. Printers with this feature come with a remote control app that helps every user to access the printer irrespective of their location.

Voice recognition: This technology allows users to control digital copiers with their voices. It reduces the multiple trips of going to the copier physically to make copies.

Translation: Some copiers have translation features in cases where the language is a barrier. For instance, if you are dealing with international clients, the printer can be translating the orders for a better understanding.

Connectivity is another incredible feature too. The main connectivity features include cloud, USB, and wifi. Find out the best method you would like to connect your photocopier machines with and choose the best.

Check the Compatibility

Varying technology can make some business networks incompatible. That’s why you should check the compatibility of your photocopier to your existing systems before you buy it.

If possible, the automation suppliers should visit your office to check your printing volume and the devices you use. The pre-installation surveys can reduce malfunctioning problems when you finally buy your photocopier.

You can always find more information regarding the compatibility on the brochure of the photocopier.

Check the Upgrade Options

Modern photocopiers come with a list of upgrade features. These features make the device relevant in the future, even when you expand your business or your needs evolve.

Instead of buying an entire photocopier in the future, you can upgrade the features to avoid the high costs of making a new purchase. Some add on features to consider include:

  • Hard drive encryption to improve the security of the photocopier machine
  • Better output trays to increase the printing volume
  • Card readers to enhance the access of the photocopier

Your supplier should explain to you the possible add-on features. Be keen on them if you wish to expand your business in the future.

Choose the Ideal Manufacturer

Now that you have decided on the best printer to buy, it’s time you select the ideal manufacturer. Note that there are many market suppliers today, and they all don’t guarantee the best printers.

You must do background research on them all to ensure that you are only dealing with the best. The ideal manufacturer should be reputable and should have a broad market share. The firm should also be willing to provide long-lasting support.

Long-term support can include after-sales services and excellent customer service if one of the parts breaks down.

Some manufacturers prefer to handle the comprehensive services through a third party, while others offer the support themselves. Find out the exact criteria that your supplier will be using to avoid future inconveniences.

Compare Prices

How much do you wish to spend on the digital printer? Cost is a crucial factor in the buying process, and so you shouldn’t buy blindly. Before you even start your shopping, create a budget of how much you intend to spend.

Make a few comparisons to get the best average price you can spend on the process.  The cost comparison will help you know who is trying to exploit you and who is selling at the right price.

You may decide to lease if the buying price of your desired printer is too high. Nevertheless, you still weigh your options on buying vs. leasing the photocopier to make the right decision.

Consider the Mobility

Mobile devices are becoming popular than ever. If you offer printing services to clients outside your business apartment, a portable copier will be the best option. You will readily carry it from one place to another, which means that you will serve many clients with ease.

Equip Your Office With the Best Digital Copier Machine

Follow the above tips to equip your office with the latest copier machine. The right printer will enhance your employee productivity, increase efficiency, and keep your employees happy.

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